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Today i went to stonestown. no im am not a teenybopper. and no i do not hit on teenyboppers. that's just what i call rape. technically it is. but mentally its not. but im strange you don't have to listen to me. im weird. you can ask no-L.

No-L and i had a strange conversation on the phone. yea i called her. she probably thinks im a psycho fruitcake lookin for love. but anyways she was really cool. we were just rambling about stuff. like.... prozack (is that how you spell it?, i use to call it ProWack). and other stuff. like... yea.. anyways No-L is a cool person to talk to. although i think i pissed her off by not pronouncing her name correctly like 10+ times. i kept on saying it like no-well instead of No-L. hehe it was pretty funny till she got annoyed of it. and then she started calling me boob or boobers. yea that was cool too. but now you probably think im a freak and she's nuts for talking to me. you know what? screw you too.

As No-L would say.. 
" its No-L!!! not No-woll !!!! grrr... "

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