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yea the 25th was tight. straight off the hook. i don't remember much since i was sorta E'd out. 2 pops an a man can do strange stuff. yea tell me about it. it was Gordons B-day party. and his girl friends 2nd or 3rd year anniversary. yea it was a kick ass party. above J-Town bowling. the party was rocking  with the dJ's Josh and Jesse from "Doz Dj'S" or something like that. lotsa b-boys and girls strutin it out. its too bad i couldn't jump in and do my turtle shell spin. (if you don't know what that is im not gonna tell you cuz it aint really a b-boy move/stance)

i really seriously don't remember much. i should have had some life savers instead of snowflakes. butta damn them snowflakes was off the hit list. okay im losing it . im still trying to find out who those 4 girls are. the ones who were flashing glow sticks in front of my eyes for like 10 minutes.  there was one on top of me while i was on the floor. and another one was massaging my head with some gooey stuff. not lotion. okay im telling the world alittle too much now. anyone going to Indulgence?

i had yet another conversation with No-L. this time it was sorta gloomy. she said i sounded mellow. i was like... "yea dude yea y0 mad mellow y0". and stuff like that. i tried to cheer her up. i didn't know if it worked or not. but she did laugh a few times. so i guess its better than nothing. take care No-L hope things change.
yea Dr.katz is sorta boring.

well i woke up pretty early since i was sorta peakin while i was sleepin. when i woke up.. i feel back down. i wonder why im still so tired. i wasn't even dancing that much. like 45mins to 1 hours worth. the party was only from 5:00pm till 9:pm.. or that's what they said. anyways i don't know what to write about. i don't know if im making sense anymore. i don't know what to do with my page. i spent so much time on it yet im getting lazy with it. im not even working on it as much anymore. yea i know im getting lazy. i think this internet stuff is getting sorta sleezy. know what im saying ?

as my dad would say..
" so how many girls did you meet today? huh tell me 5-6?"

yea its a pretty embarrassing situation..

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