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You ever notice how all these girls in high school are all beginning to look all hoochie. its that time of the year. hoochie season. yea sure its cold, they'll just let their nipples stick out. dont we all wanna see that? well.. okay never mind but what a buncha savage ass girls. im sick of these hoochies. i don't want no hooch. i want a proper clean girl that doesn't ask for a sucky sucky now an then. yea those hoes are Nasty. read my Thoughts on those hoochie coochies. lets see how many times i used hoochie in one paragraph.... 5 hoochies and 1 hooch. yea that's about the amount of them in every one of my classes.

i mean hey sure my eyes go flyin off from point A to point B but you cant blame me.. im a 16 year old dude. o yea your wondering what the hell that means.. you freaks. and you Miss Jamie L. your a WANNABE freak. so don't even say anything stupid.

No-L is so cool. she isn't going tonight either. to that Quest everyone has planned. i guess i wont feel bad. im not gonna be the only one missing out. unless No-L just suddenly had a urge to rave tonight. its okay. im a lonesome loser. i can handle it.. *sniff* can i get a hug?

as No-L would say.." i hate my rice rocket.."
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