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some pretty interesting stuff going on in my school. first off, a teacher is fired because he came to class high on speed and weed. i wasn't there to see it, or did i know him but it sounds pretty interesting. and so i started asking people what happened in class that day. this is what i got so far...

-people called him Mr.L
-he was in his mid 20's
-he says he went to jail 3 times
-went to the mental hospital 4 times
-had sex with 2 guys at the same time
-masturbated with Francoi just 3 nights ago
-has done speed numerous times
-same with marijuana
-claims that bill clinton called him to tell him that al gore was possessed by the devil. al gore tried to assassinate clinton but didn't because he went to washington d.c to save his life. he shook hands with him and also had sex  after words
-he says he is a christ figure and that everyone should believe in him
-claims that he invented the game sharades (or however you spell it) with his partner. then his partner made it public and Mr.L tried to sue him for $5 million dollars

yea that's some pretty crazy stuff we have there. he went to class on speed and told all the students to take notes and copy down everything he wrote. wow. but yea he got fired on the 2nd.

today in school there was a strike. most of the teachers walked out and went to sac. or civic center to protest about how they aren't getting paid enough. like for example: a bus driver doesn't have to go to college to receive his job, yet he gets paid more than a teacher, who goes to college for a while to receive a degree in teaching or whatever. yea and more crap alike.

i've been watching alot of movies lately. well not really... but yea... i saw stir of echoes, fight club, exorcist (again), stuart little, and some small ones at j-town i forgot about. my favorite one had to be fight club. o man i just saw it and was amazed. the way the film was narrated like that was cool because most of the things that he said was pretty much true in my case. after the movie, me and kevin k. went on a rampage smashing stuff and knocking things apart. we had our own little fight club going on at work. we started beating the crap out of cardboard boxes and then us. we then started to kick the crap out of other things like pots and pans and walls. the walls had to be the best since we just booted a fat hole in them. yes this was all at work. we were at it for 2 hours. and then after a long battle with the cardboard boxes our hands were disfigured with cuts burns and scars. it felt good to have pain and blood dripping down your hard working knuckles. it makes you notice that your alive. really, give it a shot. just start punching something when you have nothing else to do. like if you want to express your anger out on something instead of someone. if your sorta afraid.. punch something soft like your pillow or something.. for the more tough people.. or shall i say the ones with balls the size of grapefruits... go have a blast and start punching your walls or something. and you guys think movies aren't heavy influences. im a member of fight club now. so should you.

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