shuddup shtoopid.
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5/02/00-Pix-Lunch Time Crew
                      Yuumi Punch!!


4/16/00-Pix-Group pix added

4/13/00-Thoughts-extra thoughts

4/10/00-Pix-Rob's pix updated
             Rave- added in pic of Frank, Barb and me 


3/28/00-Rave (pix) - Popsikle

3/14/00-Comics-Spread Art (section re-vamping)

3/06/00-Pix-Kevin H, Rosalynn, Brad, Kim, Brian C.
               Pix-Micholette added in S.S.


2/14/00-Pix-Meatball in a Tigger suit. personal fav.!

2/06/2000-Pix- [wanna rave] mini section added

12/27/99-Pix-JYS (Junk Yard Speed) Crew

12/07/99-Pix-Rob D. (my bro!!)
               Secret Journal Updated...

10/27/99-Pix-Jackie F and Meatball head!
also Meatball head at the beach sick! =(

10/25/99-here's some pic i drew of me chewin 
on my glowstick. yea this was pretty much what 

it really looked like.

click here for the drawing!



wow its may already. so that means school is almost over. man.. i have to go to friggin summer school. o well. i wanted to anyways. but yea. well i finally added that comic i was talking about. the one where i was all talking about how bored i was. and how i just sit here and there bored as hell. yea its on my index page. it was originally black and white. but i experimented with it and painted it with paintshop. my favorite photo/graphic editing/creating program of them all. i dont like adobe for some reason. its cool and all. but i think its way too advanced for me. im a simple guys who like simple things. hmm what else. and yea my hair really does look sorta like that. and i was wearing that fit that day probably. or maybe i'm wearing it now..  nope im in all tan today. but yea..

other happenings. jessica brought her dog over to my house today. and we played. it was a 100% cockerspanial. or however you spell it. its a hyper dog with really big bulgy eyes and a huge head with a medium body. looks like one of those japanese cartoon dogs. but yea its cool. it listens to me!! i tell it to sit, it sits. i tell him to fetch, he fetch's. i tell him to hump you.. he'll eventually hump you if he likes you. yea he humped my mom and my mom was like.. hey what is it doing.. why is it grabbing on my leg.. why is he grabbing so hard, why isn't it getting off me? i was pretty much laughing my ass off. and so was jessica. i like that dog. its called Mickey. and it kind of responds to its name. its almost 2 years old so.. i dont expect too much from it. cute dog though.

what else is going on. nothing. i want some mail. i want people to sign my guestbook. it seems like i get an average of about 17 people coming to my page daily. but every week i only get about 4 new entries in my guestbook. and as for mail.. i dont get that anymore. nothing but friggin spam and porno links. sick of those things.

i am currently bored out of my mind. it is currently 5:30pm. the weather isn't that great either. sorta one of em foggy, misty, cold, chilly type of days today. on days like these.. i just like to sit at home and hibernate. no not masturbate you sick bastards.

as Jessica would say 
(in a humourous tone)....
"you know what?.. Helllo.... oKAy!"

previous update was 04/26/00

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