its been awhile since i updated. my spring break was exhilarating i might have to say. i met new people, i went to places. saw new faces. and best of it.. popsikle. yes... oOo yea that night was off the heeeeeeeeeeezy. haha okay. so its 42o everyone. why, you dont know what today symbolizes, for every single pot smoker out there, that's really labeled as "pot head"? well too bad then. im off staying sober today. and it was my close friend Ray's birthday just on weds. happy birthday Ray, and yes, i love those rims you have on. racing heart a go-go. 

today im going to be sober of course. really.

tonight its also my homie Macy's birthday! so... Happy B-day to you Macy. have fun turning 18. now you dont need a fake ID for those 18+ parties.

other than that i really have nothing else to say... im just glad that im finally graduating high school. i cant wait. then im free! summer time. yes.. i really cant wait.. but o crap that's right.. college is right next door isn't it?... crap.

o and, hey babemonster, if your reading this, thanks for the book man. i really appreciated the gift.

"Whatever tickles your pickle.."
"Use your cucumber with those new numbers.."

with corny quotes like these.. your bound to make fly's zoom away from shit.

i've been busy.. but i think i'll be able to update some more. section wise.
i added in some new pics. look for the * next to the person.


previous update was 03/27/01

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