happy birthday to my bro, Rob Biggity. his birthday is tommorow and yes we will celebrate. yes indeed-0!

what's up with the phrase "All Your Base Are Belong To Us"?? what's going on with the craze?! first i heard it from friends. then i hear it online through gaming. and now its in the newspaper and its on T.V. its crazy. a stupid phrase such as All Your Base Are Belong to Us, got everyone's attention. i went on the net and researched on it. its got a pretty crazy history. its a long history but to make it short.. here's a link. so i decided to make my own phrase and im gonna see if its gonna catch on as quick. its gonna be called..


yea? sounds catchy? no? stop mocking. maybe i'll get famous and be a millionaire. then we'll see whose laughing. 

Fun Fact: Babemonster says the word "Dong" was actually a slang word for Penis  back in the days! nifty! now im gonna call all my teachers Dongs!

i am addicted to Kettle Chips. especially the Honey Dijon ones. i swear those are the things that are gonna kill me. its gonna clog up my arteries and im gonna die from a heart attack of some sort.

another crave is ketchup. yea.. ketchup. with out ketchup.. there wouldn't be real food. its the main ingredient to making fries from McDonalds tasting their best. McDonald fries taste like shit. they're soggy and salty. but when you dip it in ketchup.. its the shit. and if your a professional like me.. you'd add peppers and sugar in the ketchup. 

okay im not making sense anymore why am i writing about ketchup..

i'll be back to write about some more meaningful stuff. as for now im brain dead.

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