every now and then i check up on my stats. you know.. that little green button on my description page or its on my spalsh/index page. i noticed that people got to my site through search engines. i never really put myself in them things. and i clicked to see what the hell people type in yahoo or lycos to find me.. its funny. really. how my site is suppose to be related to the things im about to list. i'll go from normal to just weird.

-Bobo (okay yea that's me..)
-bobo+artist (yep i draw..)
-bobo's+botique (nope i dont sell flowers..)
-bohemian beausouis (uhh.. that's not me..)
-beaubeaux (what the hell is this..)
-www.bobo.com (why search it up when you have the address already..)
-detik.com (gottta check this out too..)
-babylon+design (nope this aint me)
-CHANGE+OF+HEART (we have some depressed people online i see..)
-madison+square+garden (i've never even been there..)
-bare+butts (none of that here... hope not..)
-ass+spanking (some of that here.. am i a porno site now?)
-spanking+ass (about the same as above)
-naked+kids (whoa whoa... what's going on... wtf?!)
-"shelley+sharpe" (uhh.... gotta go see who that is.. maybe more porn?)
-Central+african+masks (. ... . .   .)

if you dont believe these are real. look for them yourself in my stats. 
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so yea a small half of it is porno related. am i really considered a porno related site? do YOU see any porn? i have some... monkey spanking.. and some Dr.Evil doing the evil.. but that's about it! 

my teacher Mr.Kronar had this one word that was hilarious. it was "Chicken Cow". he told me to use it when someone asked me a funny question. he claims it'll leave them stuck and confused while i get to counter attack with a question myself. he also stated that it was some sorta song back in the days. the song was called Chicken Cow. what sorta shit is that. would you buy a single called chicken cow?  the lyrics consist of something like this..: 

"i love chickens and
i love cows 
clap your hands 
oH chicken cow baby uh uh uh checkin that chickincow baby uh uh Oh oh baby.."

yea that's some pretty weird stuff. he sang it and sorta grooved to it too. he had that one old dance where his hands would sway left and right as the hands followed the knee's. it was funny looking. he had a grin on.. so it was more funny. funny funny har har har. yea that's mr.kronar for you. im his T.A. he's the shiznits man. i hope your reading this kronar this section of my page is for you man!! long live the teacher whose had a vividly tripped out past!

this one girl at lowell has this lock that's fruity colored. why am i mentioning this? because her lock is fruity. its a master lock with like.. neon green and some light purple. end of that. fruity people and their fruity locks... *tsk tsk* what a world we have. haha okay im just kidding Fel. your lock is cool. and yea i would love to have a fruity lock myself. but i have nothing to lock... so... no fruity lock for me.

yet another weird journal with interesting facts. oOo im on a role baby.

this is for Ken at my work place.
i didnt know you much. 
but you were a cool guy withen the times we talked. 
i hope you rest in peace. where ever you are. 
you well didnt deserve what you got. 
but i wish you peace in mind. *
R.i.p Ken.

-me and the crew at ABC.

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