i've added more pictures in the black and white section. you can find that by visiting my photo section. that's my new project. just random photo's i shot, developed, and processed. really neat. photography class is fun. im using my dads camera. its a nice one. some ol g nikon. its so old its not even called nikon. its called nikomat. the original name before it got changed to nikon. its a bit heavy, but its nice. i like the camera. it better than the point and shoot cameras. you get more visual effects with the single lens reflex camera. ever see them pictures where there's the image, and then there's the little streaks of light. yea you can only use a single lens reflex camera to do that, or you can tweak out your point and shoot camera by taking out one of the mechanisms inside.

happy valentines day... i dont really celebrate this day. i really have no one to celebrate it with. i dont think i've ever celebrated v-day at all. for today, all i got was chocolate. i dont even like chocolate. on the serious side, what is the history of v-day anyways? i think im going to take my hamster out for dinner and give it some good food tonight. thats my valentines. my hamster. ya heard? you got a problem with that? you think im .. aminalsexual now? whats wrong with me giving some love to my pet hamster. your just jealous that you dont have one.

eessh life is dull as ever. im always stuck at home. if not, im stuck at my friends house. there's nothing to do anymore. is san francisco really that boring now. or have i just gone stale. everywhere i go now, just doesn't seem like before. its like that feeling of:

"been there done that, what's new?"

what is new? nothing is. where'd all the fun go? it just disappeared. my friends aren't doing much anymore. no ones calling me. im not calling people. im just at home. well.. there is nothing wrong with home.. i do plenty of sleeping here. actually.. i think im going to go to sleep now. next time i update.. i need to start writing about dumb shit again. funny events or just stupid facts. there's something wrong with my journal. its..  so plain now. the stuff im writing about isn't even interesting anymore. why are you still reading? stop it.. stop it i say!! i demand you to stop! stop reading and sign my guestbook!

no really please do sign my guestbook. it makes me happy.

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