yesterday was linda's birthday. so..


we ate dinner at sizzlers. that was my first time eating there. it wasn't all too bad. the steak i had was like.. rubber. really elastic. i've had better, but it filled me up pretty well. linda was the berf-day girl so she had a 20 ounce steak. frankie-bones bought it for her. i thought that was crazy. what a genius! to buy someone steak! damn i'd be happy if someone bought me a slab of meat. ofcourse she didn't finish it, got bloated and cheesed. 

we decided to go watch snatch afterwards. i dont know whose idea it was.. but i wanted to see it anyways so i wasn't complaining. the movie was weird at first. i got lost because everyone was talking funny. that british accent. sorta like a austin power meets jet li .. but more serious. brad pitt was funny as hell. the way he talked and the way he kicked ass was amazing. he had the one hitter quitter punch. i liked the way the movie was filmed. the way it was shot at some scenes and the perspectives were funny as hell. me me and my friends always bring up the one part where it zooms up on a gun.. saying "R_E_P_L_I_C_A", while the other guy whips out a gun saying " D_E_S_E_R_T   E_A_G_L_E .50"  that shit was hilarious.. it would side scroll like a type writer.. it even had that type writer noise with it. i loved that part.  maybe because Desert Eagle was a gun we bought in the game we call Counter-Strike. damn good one too. yea im still addicted to that game.. [sOLo] Savage Bo is my online handle... but yea back to the movie.. and then  Boris the Bullet Dodger had to be one of the most funniest yet innovative characters. he was basically some guy you couldn't kill. it started out with him getting his ass kicked and mobbed, stuffed into a trunk.. and then he escapes.. just to get run over by some huge ass car. he then walks away from it.. half alive.. grabs a gun somewhere.. then he gets shot about 12 times.. and he still probably wasn't dead. that shit was funny. everyone dies .. o wait.. i've said too much. go watch it.. its a Bo recommended flick.

next thing i wanna see is Hannibal. i need to get Silence of the Lambs. i would probably get confused watching Hannibal.. since it might have scenes where it'll refer back to part one.

tuning into a ATB album i bought awhile back. its corny-ness to tha next level. the mixing sucks and the remixes that he picks out is.. like cheesy trance. the mixing is horrible.. the way he cuts them in. why did i buy this? damn towers and their no return policy now. they finally got smart. you can only exchange for the SAME CD .. its not even store credit anymore. damn, there goes all my buy one get one free ideas.

popsikle4.. i'll be waiting for you...

"If you do not find peace in yourself, you will never find it  anywhere else."  - Paula A. Bendry

"Speak when you're angry, and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret." - Lawrence J. Peter

"Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them." - Dion Boucicalt

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