my birthday was terrific. it was so fun i fell asleep. me and some friends ended up playing games together at PC. you know, that one computer place on 2nd and Geary. no wait.. was it 3rd or 2nd? but its somewhere around there. what a waste eh? im 18, legal, and im playing computer games. shit man i could have been at the strips or on the runs with everyone. but hey at least i was having fun, right? most of the guys were there. that was good enough for me. but let me rewind back into the beginning of the day..

so the day started out pretty cool. with johnny 'the beast' ng picking me up for lunch. he did a stunt for me. it went something like this... he puts a bike helmet on, peels out in front on school, drives down the hill like a mad man and make it home to get pulled over. for what? a fix it ticket for his exhaust system. hilarious isn't it? over all. it was dope. he made my day. that was the best ever for my birthday. he automatically won the savage driver award from me too. 

fO realZ homie on tha duB sack!! g wut up. w0r:D 

people have been asking me why im always so patient with things. from waiting on hold to waiting for the bus. it always seems that i never get mad or PMSed. im a patient person. i really do believe in the quote:

"Patience is a Virtue"

seriously, if your not a patient person, you wont be able to get things done right.. really. its true.. its true (suck it Kurt Angle). sometimes waiting for something is worth it. i mean.. put it this way.. you dump a burrito in your microwave, for lets say... a minute. you grab it and go.. knowing its half cold but your in a rush. man aren't you screwed. your gonna be on the crapper for hours. look how much time you've wasted. you could have added that extra minute and be satisfied with that burrito. instead you wanted to be ON TIME and get things done. results: you, crapping on the can while reading all the neat little notes/tags/phone numbers on the stall. loads of fun (shit). man o man and the smell.. it would wreck havoc. the pain.. the burn.. gawd al mighty save thy soul that isn't patient..

im waiting to see that Hannibal movie. it looks pretty interesting. but i dont know about scary. i heard Silence of the Lambs was dope. i've never seen that myself. hmm im going to have to rent it soon. that way i wont get too lost if i do see Hannibal.

i finally saw gladiator. that movie is the shiznits!! im gonna have to watch it again. this time i'll pay MORE attention to the story line and names. it was an excellent movie. if you haven't seen this bad ass movie yet, GO now before your life ends in misery, knowing you've never seen the movie.

ever since i stopped driving, i noticed im richer than usual. not that i am rich but it seems like i have much more money to spend than before. im not strapped for cash anymore. whoopee - tee - dooBie! im going right back to toys'R'us to go shopping again. hooked up.

side note: hey noelers if your reading this, i already met the guy who bought your c-REX! he rolls around my school sometimes. he was playing games with me on my birthday too. im gonna have to test out that SOHC motor you dumped in.. pUa haRhaRhaR. we are now both riding the #11 bus. get it? the 11 stands for our legs. ha ha ha. yea i know.. i thought it was pretty frikkin corny when my boss said it to me too.

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