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12/07/99-Pix-Rob D. (my bro!!)
Secret Journal Updated...

10/27/99-Pix-Jackie F and Meatball head!
also Meatball head at the beach sick! =(

10/25/99-here's some pic i drew of me chewin 
on my glowstick. yea this was pretty much what 

it really looked like.

click here for the drawing!


10/07/99-Pix- the leap for life. or not....

10/07/9-Words Of Wisdom
Pix-2 poses of Mace & her cuz Rita



9/28/99-Pix-Kevin with Brian and Big Rob singing.

A P O L L Y O N 

8/23/99-links, organized, 
'The Nut' updated

Photo's: Heshima R. 

    backyard pic (misc.) 


Main: under some construction 

Photos: new single's! 
3-Stef G

Comics: new Comics!! 
added in [Descriptions



recently Blue discovered a page. a page that looked (almost) exactly like mine. he stole my art he stole me thoughts he stole my format. he did the total package of pissing me off. ofcourse knowing the hacker that i am, i sent him a e-mail asking him " what the dilly y0?!"
the onion man said that he stole my webpage awhile back and onion told him to ask for my permission. but he never did. so i had to tell him to take some stuff off or shut it down. so he did shut it down. im not gonna give out any names or webpages. this event did infuriate me to the fullest. mad mashin an bashin. bout to pull out a can of "devastation on y0 mama's mama's mama!". i'm not giving out his address or name because i  think that's too messed up. everyone deserves a second chance. unless you went crazy and blow up a whole city. shot down little babies and chopped off countless penis's. 

that last sentence was quite freakishly weird. i had no idea where that came from.

these past few days i've been feeling jolly and happy. lotsa of good stuff been happening. tiss the season to be feeling good feeling good. got some mail to read. great stuff. called people i rarely get to talk to. this week is a good week. one of my best weeks. nothing but happiness so far. nothing really gave me a bad trip from this monday till now. i wish every week was like this. i got A's an B's on all my tests. cept for biology i don't know what happened there. if you want to make me even more happy, you can sign my guest book or e-mail me. just imagine me with a fat smile.. can you imagine that?? huh huh you phat kat can ya imagine that?!?! pretty damn ugly i know but what the hell just do something atleast.

i've been checking out my status on my page. i have people from around the world who visit my page. alot of AOL people end up finding my page when i don't even have AOL. my page count per day is an average of 14. my highest hit was 28. i never even knew people even came to my page. i though tit would be the "usual suspects". im in search engines. i never even applied for those things. its quite interesting. with all this new information... im quite happy to see that people actually come to my page (i don't count). i mean people people. so thank you all who have come over an read my journal an looked at my pictures. i thank you so much. an i use to thnk that my page was pointless.

have a merry X-mas an a happy new year incase i don't come back updating. 

here is my equation...
No School Equals Too Much Fun!!

if your my friend... CALL ME LETS GO AND KICK IT YO!!!!

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