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12/27/99-Pix-JYS (Junk Yard Speed) Crew

12/07/99-Pix-Rob D. (my bro!!)
Secret Journal Updated...

10/27/99-Pix-Jackie F and Meatball head!
also Meatball head at the beach sick! =(

10/25/99-here's some pic i drew of me chewin 
on my glowstick. yea this was pretty much what 

it really looked like.

click here for the drawing!


10/07/99-Pix- the leap for life. or not....

10/07/9-Words Of Wisdom
Pix-2 poses of Mace & her cuz Rita



9/28/99-Pix-Kevin with Brian and Big Rob singing.

A P O L L Y O N 

8/23/99-links, organized, 
'The Nut' updated

Photo's: Heshima R. 

    backyard pic (misc.) 


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3-Stef G

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well i hope all you people had a merry christmas. i did, sorta. i didn't really get to celebrate christmas this year with all my other relatives like uncles cousins an all that other stuff.. don't ask me why either. i don't really know myself. i didn't get that many presents. like 3-4. but that's cool. i wasn't expecting any anyways. i got this really big Monkey in a Space suit. its like huge. it has lights an it talks. little catchy phrases like "Houston, we need more bananas!" an there's another button where it makes him vibrate.. yes a big vibrating monkey in a space suit. what else did i get.. money and a gift certificate card towards tower records. whoop ti do!

over this past week.. its been a week full of fun and surprises. literally. here's some stuff that i pretty much remembered...

-we had a whole bunch of runaways
-sleep overs here an there

-talking and laughing for 2 hours about nothing

-shaved robs head

-back flipping hamsters (mine too!)

-walking red lights an stopping on greens

-wrote funny yet meaningless x-mas cards

-ganked some rubbers.. an used a few

-an those rubbers aint no water balloons

-grabbed a shopping cart at 2:00am with me rob an pimp donkey.. and carted our asses for 30 blocks down the hill back to my house.. over all it was the shit.

-SCR (Shoppin Cart Racing)

-glowstick fun everywhere


there's so much more to talk about but my mind is pretty empty right now.

so how was everyone else's christmas experience. share it with the world by signing it in my guestbook! no really please do! don't mind if i did! i guess that's about it. i'll be back for more updates..

As Rob would say..
"Thank You Kindly! now shut your pie hole!"

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i want some chicken tonight.. mmmm yumm yumm!

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