i noticed, that even after driving for about 3 years, i still don't know my major highways. they consist of highway 280 and 101. i, for some odd reason, can't remember which one is which, and where south and north and east and west would take me. i think its a horrible habit of mine. is it even considered a habit? or am i just a plain dumbass?

this morning when i caught the bus to work, i smelt many many various things. not nice things, but things. first, it was some guy who sat next to me. he had a foul odor of cigarillo's and sweat. it was a horrible combination. i sorta zipped up my jacket and tucked my head in it. he was a old man, looked really grumpy, he probably smokes a lot because he's asking for death. it was horrible, as if he hot boxed his smoking, thinking he'd get high off life or something. then when he got off the Castro station, some chinese man sits next to me, this time around, he smells like mothballs. you know that chinese smell sometimes? sorta like.. a closet. its gross. actually, it reminds me of them cheap 99 cent toilet fresh things. yea.. gross. i'm having a bad image now.. ever go to a toilet one time and find a whole crap load of shit in there that hasn't been flushed? gawd, its nasty. it only takes 2 secs to flush a toilet, and cancel a life long haunting memory of that big glob of shit. man... im talking about shit on my web page now... how sad.

wow, something exciting happened at work today! we had a fire drill! that's a first. it wasn't really what i expected from a government building. people were chatting while walking down the 7 flights of stairs. i noticed everyone pushing the midget woman around from my department. that was mean. but i still dont know her name, so i cant really help her out. not that i didn't want to, but she was about 3 flights below from where i was.

time goes by awfully slow at work. i wonder why. maybe its because they took my computer away. they said, that the internet is used only for work related things only. they said that i might have been leaking information to terrorists of eL337 hackers around the world. right...

boy i can't wait till tomorrow. im going to have one helluva happy weekend. i just hope it doesn't rain too much.

yay! more pictures!

bleh. lack of updates. im too lazy to even work on this crummy webpage now. i've actually, truthfully, been busy with homework. its hard to believe, but i really am.

turkey day was okay for me. i ate wth my girlfriends family and enjoyed the company, i guess. surprisingly, i don't think i had any turkey. but thats okay, thats just another turkey's life i saved. just like all those other lives i spared, like the fly's and the ant's and the spider's and the roache's and the slug's and the bleh bleh blah etc. anyways, at the dinner, i caught up with some movies. first in line was romeo must die. im probably the only person out of all my friends who has NOT seen that movie. it was pretty good.. but uhm.. the volume wasn't really up, so i think i didn't get the plot to the full extent, but a good movie over all. man, russell wong thought he was bad ass. please brutha, please. yea.. then after that, we watched bridgett jones diary. i laughed a lot. theres something with that english accent and them using the word "fuck" so much that makes me burst out in laughter. funny.

heh.. i was watching predators with a couple of friends in my room.. and arnold said, "Bolonga" (on public television), when he was suppose to say bullshit. it was funny. so from now on, instead of saying bullshit, i will resort to saying bolonga.

why is bolonga spelled like that. it sounds more like balonee, or even bolongie would be better, but bolonga? it sounds like Bo Long Ahh. and what the hell is up with the word "oxymoron" i dont know if i spelled that right, but that word does not make any sense, to me at least. english, very confusing, yet, i am getting an A. har har har!

wow... there sure are a lot of people from san jo state viewing to my webpage recently. whats going on? is there a group study on my page now that i am un aware of?  "wutup wit that y0?"

okay. as i was going through my web page stats, i was checking out how people got to my page through search engines. surprisingly, i am under MSN network, hot bot, google, lycos, yahoo, excite and iWon. i thought people had to pay a fee to submit their link into places like yahoo and excite. that's odd. i dont recall paying anyone anything. o well. more traffic for me! but is that a good thing or a bad thing? but to tell you.. here is a few to list keywords people are typing around the world into the MSN network, and finding my web page as a result:
-weird things
-animal love
-spanking with love
-spanking asian
-spanking comics
-spanking the monkey
-Wolverhampton libraries
-Covering Dreadlocks
-japanese dictionary
i dont understand. why do people like to type up spanking related items. its weird. weird people online. and i used to think i was weird.

no matter how many times i read this on my friend Jamie's old retarted webpage thats semi-defunct-but-wont-go-away, i laugh. i laugh hard too. its cruel, but yet so funny because its sarcastic. sarcasm online humors me a lot.


hahah i dug that "flying fallopian tube's fuck" part. original. very indeed.

bleh. i hate mosquito's. die die die. they are the most annoying things in my world. i swear, they should just be extinct. who cares if they have dinosaur dna in em? who wants to re-create something like jurrasic park 2 & 3? do YOU want a pet t-rex? it's probably going to be bigger than your house, then it'll eat you and your family, and terrorize the rest of your puny neighborhood.

lately i've been feenin for some old school computer games, or any old school game. i feel like playing secret of mana 1 or 2. or maybe some chrono trigger.. but for sure some classic street fighter 2 turbo or street fighter alpha. i'd 0w17 j00 a11 m3 t00 1337 F3r a11 j00 f00'z$$!! ha ha ha haxer talk is so "whack". anyways, back to my old school gaming. has anyone out there played worms? worms one or two? that game.. i need to get that game back. Jerry dawg, if you are reading this, GET ME SOME WORMS 2 or the new one, WORMS party or something.. go visit your warez hackers sites that you book marked. you and your 1337 links. where the hell did i leave my worms 2 cd? man.. i miss that game.. too much counter-stirke.. too much hacking.. no more fun.

i own 42o (the clan) 
did you hear that mr.jimboto! 
the announcement has gone WORLD WIDE! 
42o is weak!!

the terrorists are going to bomb our bridges? (i live in the bay area, and we have two main ones, you people who aren't around here might have heard of the golden gate bridge. yes? no?) is there solid proof that shows that someone actually threatened someone? or is this just one of them government speculations? no really? someone throw me a frickin bone. has osama bin laden and his mom called to say something like that? has anthrax come to the bay area? not that i've heard of. actually i shouldn't say anything, since i haven't even been watching the news or reading the paper. but for real though.. bomb the bridges? that's some manie shit.

as of this very moment, i am watching a spider crawl on a wall. its a very very trippy looking movement. its not a daddy long leg spider, but a medium sized fat one with a big brown ass. i swear, my house is infested with crawilng things. that or things that fly. its gross.

updated the ART section!
man and i thought i would never touch that section, well it seems like i've been drawing a lot more, and so i have collected enough stuff to actually work in that section, so enjoy, most of the stuff in there is old anyways, but there's two new ones. just take a peek and tell me what you think. a quick note, i am not mentally disturbed. =]ºº

other than that, i would like to say that.. sometimes.. when people are frustrated, they might say things that they dont mean, so always consider knowing the other persons situation before you start making wacky judgments yourself. ditto. and always be there.. no matter how bad the situation is. 

i know you people wont be able to understand this, unless your like the decipher king, but this is for someone special to read..its a special code.*i forgot to double stack double stuff... opps!

hippy helloween. this years costume trends for kids are mainly fire fighters and police men. ouch. i wonder what the middle east children are going to wear this year.. i wonder..

i wonder if those rumors are going to happen, about not going to the malls tommorow, or dont go to places where a lot of people crowd around. thats crazy, as if anthrax wasnt crazy enough. only time will tell i guess, hope nothing crazy happens tommorow. shit. im going to be out. maybe i should stay home. its going to rain anyways.

crap i had something to write about.. but it just slipped my mind.. i hate it when that happens...

no matter how small that Campbell chicken noodle soup can is, always mix with water like how it says. dont try to be a war hero and just cook it thinking it wont be salty when water is added. it is called condensed soup for a reason. why am i talking about this? because i just had a bad case of extra salty, extra chunky, extra everything chicken noodle soup. so be smart and add that water the next time you eat Cambells chicken noodle soup. dont get screwed like me.

"don't do fake shakes!"  - the crime donkey from jack in the crack

i've been in the mood for movies. yes, movies. on my list are:

-13 ghosts
-monsters inc.
-the one
well okay fine so im not craving for too many movies, but i just feel like watching stuff. 

other than that, im pissed off at this dude that i bumper checked. a "minor accident." this guy wants me to frickin re-paint his whole back bumper. i just nicked off a teeny weeny itsy bitsy amount of paint, and he wants me to re-paint his whole back bumper. and the asshole doesn't even want to bring his car to my friends shop. very very asshole like. and the trip was, he doesn't want money. he wants his car to look like it was still brand new. blah blah blah okay im whining online now. but hey, at least we aren't going through insurance. heh.. my record isn't exactly the best right now, and i can't afford to raise it up any more. man.. 

me so frustrated at him.
he be punk b*tch.

o yea i uploaded some more pictures for you people out there who come to my site. uhm what. else.. check out the funky car! and yes jimmy you can steal it from my website to post it into your rice rocket forum page. whatever the hell its called. here is a sample of "Funky Car" i will give you a special treat if you can tell me what it really is underneath its ugliness. i called it Shredders car. but uhh.. yea check it out for yourself.funky car!yea pretty funky huh?

jimmy: "so.. what do you think of mark?"
bo: "he tries too hard to be FAKE"

heh.. try to hard to be fake. does that really make sense? haha i dont think so.

once again, my page content has been ripped off. this is the 3rd time this has happened. its quite funny. first it was dave. we went way back in 98. but uhh yea his webpage is pretty much gone now. and then there was apollyon. i dont know what he did with his page either but its not around anymore. and now there's AzNxKTeC. i let a whole bunch of my online buddies and real life buddies go check out his webpage to go see if it was a rip off. all of them laughed and said yes, it was quite obvious that he has stolen my content and layout. blah blah blah and everyone just hit up his guestbook with hateful messages. i sat here and laughed. he changed his page and deleted everyone's entry. but what i wanted to say was, 


it can get ugly, but its not worth it. if your reading this mr ktec, you know you did it. you pretty much admit it your self. you contradicted yourself basically. sure you went to my info page and was inspired by it. therefore you did go to my info page and take the content. you just busted yourself out in a more orderly fashion. your one funny mofo. w0rd. and c'mon now, i KNOW that you lie. you lied to the wrong person. you messed yourself up on that one buddy. you know what im talking about. you may say you regret doing what you did in the past. but hey, you made your decision. you f***ed your self up there. now face it. 

lesson for today and everyday; lying will get you nowhere, maybe hell and thats about it.

on happier sides, im doing pretty well in college! so far im getting C average. i know its not good enough, but you have to realize it from my perspective. me, being  a person that  wasn't too bright when it came to school stuff, is actually getting C's and even a couple B's! for the people who know me, you guys should be proud. yea jimmy if your reading this, im going to post your favorite line for now, or today at least..

Jimmy (mr.jimboto):"see that with the mouth open!!! boOYEa!!"
(jimmy, get my CD back from danielle. remember? that dj tiesto album? and tell her i said congrat's on being selected for pageant, or model. whatever.)
 it's a inside joke. a very inside joke. and jerray dawg, i admire you for your trash talking and all.

you have finally proven that you actually have balls.
that means no more COCKtail fruit 
and FRESH fish for you. 
har har har hee har
speaking of balls, i found a conversation between me and the babemonster. it went a little something like this..

b b m nst r (10:22:52 PM): Yeah...nowadays, there's some crazy shit going on.
IlI  bobo  Ill (10:23:28 PM): instead of getting your ass kicked
IlI  bobo  Ill (10:23:29 PM): you get shot
IlI  bobo  Ill (10:23:31 PM): or blown up
IlI  bobo  Ill (10:23:37 PM): more serious shit
b b m nst r (10:23:56 PM): Yeah. 
b b m nst r (10:24:18 PM): Back then, kids only thought of that sort of shit. 
                                        Nowadays, the kids are balls-out crazy.
IlI  bobo  Ill (10:24:25 PM): haha

i like that word. balls-out. im gonna bring that back for you babemonster. just like how im gonna come back with fresh and zesty for you jerray dawg. "get ready for this funky fresh, new vibe."

crap.. i think im getting a cold or fever. 

recently i just found out that a class mate of mine from last year, ed kasch, got in a motor cycle accident. he's in some pretty critical condition and i hope he'll get better soon. its a good thing he was wearing a helmet. im planning to go visit him soon, but i dont know when public visitors are allowed to go see him. i wish you the best of luck ed. you were the one and only "Mr.Ed". and remember, i'll take you for a spin in my car. you know you wanna ride in that bad boy. and you know i was voted most "Reckless Driver" for class of 2001. 

let me tell you a little about ed when we were in photography class. ed was funny. no doubt about that. i never really knew him really well. but he would always approach me with his popular "jab jab!!" attack. where he'd jab my ribs and make me twitch. i guess that's how we got to know each other a little more. jabbing the crap outta each other back and forth. the most memorable moment had to be the time where he tried to be smart and kick my chair so i'd fall on my ass. but it didn't work.. and i kicked his chair and he fell on his ass. pretty hard too. heh.. sorry ed, but you asked for it. if you ever get to read this one day, just wanted to let you know that, yes you are cool. and yes i am listening to the beetles. (remember that song you let me tune into? about clowns or circuses or something?). and no you will never beat me in dueces. or black jack. heh i still remember how we use to imitate eugene's favorite line, "shut the F*** up..." over and over till eugene got mad and brought over his russian mafia. 

lets hope ed comes back like Mr.Ed, instead of some ordinary ed we'd know. i wish him the best of luck and that he'll recover really soon. 

here's a link to a webpage that's monitoring his daily conditions. and lists of what he broke. and trust me.. its a big list. he's very fortunate to be alive. please check out the site and leave a note.


i was just channel surfing again and i happened to hit channel 2 (FOX) to catch barry bonds hit number 71! im not really a baseball fan, nor am i a sports fan, but it was a nice site. he knocked that bad boy far up there. i always wondered what would happen if a homer hit someone in the forehead and killed them.. or knocked them out into a coma. who gets sued? the stadium or the baseball player? cuz shit man, if a ball hit my arm and broke it, i'd be one pissed person if i didn't get anything out of it. unless ball number 71 hit my arm and broke it. i'd go down in history! i heard that ball's worth a good million or something. whoever got is one lucky dog.

my car will be so so so complete soon. the previous owner of my car found me a deal for a practically brand spanking new factory supercharger for my car for only $500. im saving a good $1,200!! booyea! but shit.. after this im going to be broke. damn and i still have those frickin snapped axles to fix. than the moonroof. F***... but hey after that my car will be handy dandy and ready to spank those b18 civics. har har har. and project ae86 turbo j-spec will be out soon. im going to have to take some black and white pics of that too. more will be posted. 

that reminds me, i have to go buy black and white film. that's why i haven't been taking pictures anymore. im going to get experimental with photo taking skills. more motion pictures. more bindings. and more details and angles. yes. black and white will blow up soon. 

and for the people who know me. im back at ABC Appliance on saturdays, for now.

X @ Comabound (if your reading this, the news is right above this line) gave me a new name. she called me "master Q". i was stumped for a sec. "what the hell or who the hell is master Q?" well. he was that tall dude in Lo Foo Jee! if your old school chinatown like me, you'll know what they are. with the teacher and that little short guy called old potato or something. har har har i am Master Q. i show you shaolin hamster fighting style.

once again, as stated in my previous journal entry, it is quite boring now a these days. not that im waiting for shit to happen. but.. i dont think i live that life with danger anymore. i guess i cant use "i live life dangerously" anymore. =\

on the side note, i took the Strong Interest Inventory Test awhile ago and i just wanted to point out that the test recommended me to become a plumber when i grow up. at first i laughed.. then i just paused to think. a plumber? i better be in some super mario status or something. dont call me if you just took a fat shit and something got clogged. does anyone out there see me as a plumber? no really. me, a plumber? i laugh at that. but i better not screw myself and become one. then i'll be the laughing stock.. not to say being a plumber is bad an all... its just so not me.

a quote from me to these little kids who think raving is the shit, 

"raving is so last year"


life has been bland. very quite and o' so boring. i guess i've been forced to study and do homework. that's good. remember those stickers that said, "stay in school, its cool!" yea i remember those stickers. i damn remember sticking those things on kids backs too. i thought i was bad ass for doing that. man.. you gotta love those middle school days.

i passed by my old high school recently. nothings really changed. the students look like they shrank or something. i noticed there were more security guards. or new ones. more cops too. i guess that means the high school needs to buy more donuts and drinks to supply to them. i remember those high school days.. those days were also fun. i remember how i'd cut with some friends just to go play some playstation at his house.. or to eat some cup o noodle. or just when we had the "munchies". ahh high school. cant forget freshmen fridays. i think i only pulled that stunt off twice. and i was a junior when idid it! but ofcourse i only punked on the little brother of my friend. i dont run around beating little kids. what do you think i am? a pedophile? your sick.

speaking of pedophiles, i noticed michael jacksons made a come back. i swear.. i truly use to be his fan when i was a kid. he was the shit when he had that movie.. i forget.. i think it was called moonwalker? well it was the one where he turned all crazy and metallic.. and then into that bad ass car that flew. did it fly? i dont remember. but yea.. man i've seen a picture of him recently.. and his nose.. it looks like its about to fall off.. or maybe it fell off and just got glued back on. his skin is awfully pale. he's more albino then ever. what's going on with him. does he have aids? what is it? someone told me he was allergic to the sun. i think he's been hanky panky with his monkey.

did you know that vodka is made out of fermented potatoes. raw.

well karen has moved down to UCLA. it's been about 3 days since she left, and im missing her a lot already. it really hurts. it does. how my heart feels. to be.. so useless. i cant do anything to go see her either. im under lock down from her parents. very strict people. gotta see to believe. i guess this is the true test. to see if i can survive. to see if i have the ability and power to wait for her. i know i can. i know i will. i know she will. we will work things out together.

sometimes.. i think too hard.. and then i think too much.. i get all mad and upset.. or depressed or sad. its never good when i think too much. im thinking a lot lately. i dont think its for the better. things come and go out of my mind everyday with much thought.. can these thoughts change me. can they change my decisions. what are these thoughts... what's swimming around in my head so much.. thoughts that somewhat make my heart beat funny.. as of this moment.. i really dont know.. i just know that.. i miss her a lot.

boy, this weekend has been boring. nothing's going on anymore for me. i guess it's better in a lot of ways for me. i get to save money, catch up on more than enough sleep and most important, finish my homework! 

i truthfully believe that i have fallen in love with "fish sauce". not the super smelly ones in that cheap looking bottle, but the ones at vietnamese restaurant's! you know.. the one's with strips of carrots and hot sauce in it. for dinner today, my mom made curry chicken. i really wasn't in the mood for it.. so i grabbed some left over fish sauce from the fridge and ate a huge bowl of rice. yea. rice and fish sauce. i enjoyed it so much i actually wanted more rice! but too bad there wasn't any left. yes, that sauce is some good stuff. for all you vietnamese readers, please send me the secret ingredient to me! i will pay you! i will do a favor! just tell me how to make that stuff! you can find my e-mail address in my contact section.

what the hell was left over fish sauce doing in my fridge?


what has happened on tuesday was unbelievable. the sight that morning on t.v was horrific. i thought it was independence day 2 or something. my dad thought it was a new sci fi flick. that just proves that this is so out of reality. i never thought anything like this would even happen while i was alive. i was aware that terrorists were out there. but.. man.. they've taken this to a new level. someone's getting an ass whippin when america finds out who exactly did this. as for now.. i can only help by killing the terrorists in counter strike. 

i hope NY is doing alright. hopefully they will be able to find more victims stuck in that building. i dont know anyone there, but its the fact that if the bay area got blown up, im pretty sure you guys in NY would care to see if the people here are fine or not.

from what i've heard, there has been a lot of haterism going on. lots of middle east students are getting spit on and harasses at school. i really see no point in that. we KNOW they had nothing to do with it.. so you might as well leave them a lone. please, dont put out your frustrations and fears out on some helpless middle eastern person. they might shoot you.

i have revised my info section too. but you guys dont care.

previous update was for most of August

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