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my tripod webpage will not be worked on anymore. all i will do is merely add pictures and keep the guestbook. i won't be writing in this journal anymore. but dont worry, i moved it somewhere else. the address will be posted soon, but if you know me, you already know where to start looking. my car section is being hosted by thanks rob, your the main fob! and my new journal will be hosted under thanks bill! your the best, and i still owe you lunch/dinner out. other than that, it's been a long 3-4 years writing bullshit in here and entertaining you people. but don't worry, the bullshit has moved somewhere else! with more pictures to look at and more strange topics to write about. good bye all.

-down with geocities
-down with tripod
-up with !

uploaded some new pictures. uhm what else.. the car section is up, however, it is in the process of being moved to so yea, it's gonna look a lot better over there. what else, here's a link to the car section on my webpage. it's just a layout with links to click on. nothing special. no graphics yet. uhm.. yea so if you come to my webpage just to read the shit talking in my guestbook (ming johnny, james, thomas), and not my journal, your missing out! HAH!
a couple of the links are jumbled together. don't ask. just click and be happy.

i did my good deed for the year! today, while driving to school, a Mercedes ML SUV flipped twice and landed on its wheels while in traffic. i was carpooling to school and i told my friend to pull over to help. the car was all wrecked up.. it was scratched all over, the front left wheel looked like it was going to fall off, the front window was shattered, the doors were all jammed in, the hood was bent and windows were shattered. the roof was still good even after flipping twice (if it were a Ford Explorer, it would have been crucial). overall, that ML wasn't a pretty sight. we ran to the scene and the lady inside seemed fine, just disorientated, so my friend pulled her out while i checked for other passengers. there was a 6 year old boy and a 1 year old baby. i practically ripped open the back door and plucked off all the glass off her face and clothes (the glass was just on her, not into her skin, fortunately). it was a good thing the lady bought all the safety chairs with seat belts. i carried her out and she stopped crying, and i gave her to the mom, who only suffered a minor cut on her hand and a bruise on her head. this had to be one of the craziest things i've seen  in real life. everyone just walked away too. al though this might be one of the craziest one's i've seen, i've been in crazier ones. i'm fortunate to be alive.  =)

no one really knew why she flipped over. she kept telling me and my friend that a car cut her off and that made her slam the brakes, which most likely triggered the ABS unit in the car. she must have panicked and slammed the brakes while trying to swerve out of the way.

heh, i'm considered a "hero" now. i'm hero status!

i miss my baby... *sniff*hopefully, my car will be out next week... it's been 3 long months without driving. 

it is 2:53am. i have work tomorrow and i'm still not sleeping. holy jeebus, what am i doing up so late. i can't blame it on coffee this time. my guestbook seems like it has turned into a shit talking frenzy between a couple of my friends. its more of a message board now then it is a guestbook, since these guests just keep coming back for more "fire".

im hungry, i think im gong to eat the left overs from tonight's dinner. curry chicken, rice, shrimp, cabbage. i think i'll just stick with the curry sauce and rice. im a simple person who likes simple 

just got back from my little vacation. had plenty of fun and a video tape of me going on the "dive devil" at six flags. how exhilarating.

and so today, i towed my car to the shop to get it fixed. the estimate on it is about $800-1,000. wow. now i am debating on if i should just part the car out and sell it (nah), or look for another place that wont charge me as much (most definitely!). he did mention a shop on top of the hill by daly city. i thin k i will definitely check that out. drama. i swear, with out money, things just cant get done the easy way. why does money have to be a essential item. why aren't there anymore nice people out there that does this shit for free? why why why.

my allergies are coming back. im sneezing like crazy. i cant stop. this sucks. i popped a benadryl pill and that got me all funky feeling in about an hour or so. i was all dizzy, icky and zoned out. i just felt like sleeping the whole time. the pill really doesn't work for me, so that sucks. its more like a drug to me now. im pretty sure if i popped about 3 of those bad boys, i'd be on some psychedelic trip. 

there's this psycho ass white kid in my humanities class who always nags and complains to the teacher; always bitching about this and that and stating correct facts and what not. we labeled him as "angry white kid".  today, he actually said something that made sense, and got me thinking. the thing he stated was, "why doesn't the whole world just speak one language? there would be less problems this way". yea.. why don't the whole world speak one universal language? that's something to think about.

i just got a new nickname at work. i am officially, "Hungry Nigga". how nice. 

"Noodle planet is the shit, but my mom still makes the best fried rice". =]


i never knew how delicious grape juice with 2 cubes of ice could be. i must be on my 3rd cup by now, since i've been editing my HTML. i should get a new program to re-do my web page. this netscape composer just isn't cutting it for me. Rob the Fob @ recommended me Front Page. i think i'll check that out later. i do have that Macromedia Dreamweaver bullshit, but there's too many buttons on it, and i even received a headache using it on my computer. suprisingly, i can still manage my webpage with a 200mhz pentium ONE w/ MMX technology that's considered dino aged to the silicon valley heads. im running on 32 ram. i think i need to up that up to about 128 and i think i'll be fine. did i mention i was on 33.6 AOL connection? uploading is a bitch. i hate my computer. i dont even have grammar check on my microsoft word. 

next major investment: a brand spanking new computer with dolby digital surround sound speakers and DSL. and MAYBE, i'll work on my webpage a bit faster. just maybe.

kevin  h. threw a B B Q yesterday. pretty fun. plenty of food, and lots of "drinks". yea.. d0pe kev. right on. and did you really think i looked sharp in that jacket? if so, maybe i should invest in one.

the car section will be up soon! be patient people! and friends of mine, your cars will be able to race if i get the flash working!

Turbo Prelude and All Motor CRX (Frank and Johnny)

preview of whats to come: Paint Jobs, Conversions, Clean Styles and even.. DECAL KINGS!!!

i'm not much of a coffee drinker, but damn, whatever i had last night messed me up. lets see, it was a caramel machiato? or something like that. my friend hooked me up at starbucks last night. i think the effects kicked in at about 11:30pm. that's when i was at cyberclub tearing up the lan game with a para (oh yea, i was playing counter-strike). my fingers got twitchy, and my eyes were wide open the whole night. i got home around 12:30, wide awake. i watched a little bit of Conan o brian, and decided to play metal gear solid 2. i dont know what happened to me when i drank that coffee, but i haven't slept yet! its 12:25pm, and im still feeling the effects of that coffee. 
what the fuck? 
coffee be some crazy shit y0! its a good thing i never started drinking that stuff earlier in my life, or else i would have become TMCM (Too Much Coffee Man).

it's funny how i enter some restaurants that label themselves as "Authentic Food". like, authentic thai food, or authentic japanese. i think they should take that down if the mexicans in the back are making the shit. its not like mexicans came from thailand, and im pretty sure not every country has mexicans cooking their "authentic" food. i just found it strange. maybe the mexicans are authentic people, so therefore, they can cook anything they want. bah. 

i'm 19 years old. i still feel the same. maybe when i turn 21, then i just might feel a difference.

last night we had some dinner in a chinese restaurant by my neighborhood. it was a cool get together, haven't had one in a while. the food wasn't all that, but the conversations were hilarious. even kevin spat out a chunk of rice at jason. overall it was a great night, and im thinking about doing the same for my birthday i guess. just a big get together and then just kick it. yea, kicking it is fun, especially after a drink or two. heh. no wait, i had  a bad experience on new years eve... i better not.

i had to say the funniest thing that was mentioned in the conversation that night was what kevin h. said. the "i hate you" toilet. its a pretty great idea and i wouldn't mind creating the business for it. its quite simple, just have a picture of the person that you dislike or hate, and put him in your toilet! so you can have fun shitting on him whenever you feel like it! which is everyday! it can be quite amusing, you can pee all over him, or play hit the target and such. i thought it was hilarious.

kevin h., the weirdest mofo in the world..
"DIE OSAMA!!!!!!!" -kevin h.

me and psycho mobbin
im turning 19 already on the 31st. wow. i feel old school.

there are a whole bunch load of pictures that i just uploaded. i had the time to scan them so yea, you guys can check that out. i am also creating a rides section. just for all my friends out that that turn honda's into space shuttles. you guys can all thank Diew Johnny for this one! all rides are not stolen online, those presented are actual daily driven cars, or not, and videos will be up soon as well. these are all the cars in the group i hang out in, so yea. that section of my page maybe be the only section copyrighted. so that means no stealing of the pictures. and dont bite off the custom kits and engine layouts. the estimated time that this new sectio will go up is mid febuary. my page is going to be "Riced" out now! woohoo! here is a sample to come..JG Dynamics Built LS VTEC motor

hey look! its Diew Johnny!!!
Diew Johnny, represent.


Happy Birthday Kevin K.!
y0, im kevin and my two dragons are going to bite you!!

Kev, we've had great times in high school, cant forget the jail food we had and that psycho ass teacher Mr.Kerns. those were the days weren't they? hope you liked my present, don't worry, the boogers were fake. im pretty sure your not reading this, so therefore, i can talk as much shit about you right now as i want. o wait, damn, that's right, its still your birthday... crap. you got lucky this time. but next time, when we one on one in CS, im going to have to whoop your ass. oh yea, thanks for dinner too.

have you ever wondered about how fish sleep, or if they even sleep. i just thought about it a couple days ago in my friends car. i dont know why goldfishies came into mind, but yea, its a thought isn't it. i mean, they dont blink, so their eyes are pretty much open the whole time. and also, they cant just lay on the sea floor, or sideways. its trippy man. and what's all this talk about dolphin sex and how they do it? what's going on there?

i just got off work, its 4:51pm. i just got out of the shower. i'm feeling better, but im still tired, a bit grouchy actually. so im going to take my nap, wake up and watch kung pao, or however you spell it. i heard its really stupid and that its not even worth my time. well, i've got plenty of time left, might as well.

the sky is dark. im cold. and my feets still wet. gross.

well, im back. where have i been these past 3 months? why, having fun ofcourse! when fun takes course in my life, i have no time for this online bullshit. but now that all the fun is over, i have some left over time to work on my webpage. uhh.. well more like write some more stuff in here. to the viewers that find this webpage very amusing, you must be a very boring person with nothing to do (no offense). if you hate this webpage and maybe a little of me too, rock on baby! im starting to hate this webpage myself.

but to move on, how was everyone's christmas? well, mines was not christmas like at all. i was sick. really sick actually. i didn't celebrate with anybody. i just slept through out my christmas. i didn't feel like i missed any of the action. so im not really tripping. 

gift count this year : 2
gift count last year: 5
gift count when i was 8: countless
predicted gift count next year: 1 and a half

i be robbed!!

new years eve was a bash. me, my girl and her friends went to the pier and watched fireworks (like almost every year), but this year, i had with me a little something extra. i carried with me, in a brown paper bag, a big bottle of smirnoff's finest distilled fermented potato juice (vodka). i took massive swigs every now and then until i couldn't swig anymore. i gagged about 3 times that night and 6 times the day after. boy did i feel like shit. lesson well learnt; don't drink and walk a lot.

also, on new years eve, my car fuggin caught on fire. that was just great. till this day, it still hasn't been fixed. Volkswagens are a pain in the ass to find parts for. especially my car, since it was limited production. im going to have to stick with a honda, that way, i'll be able to find my own parts AND work on it at the same time, rather than going to the mechanic and feeding him my money every month.

i've been at home watching t.v and playing games lately (thank you jerray dawg for the gamecube and ps2! pua har har). i got a 3.oo for my last gpa! woohoo! i haven't done that good in school since middle school. i am going to have to brag. i am happy. im going to be someone in the future! "i aint gonna be no ones bitch!, cuz you's mah bitch!!" -i like that line.

can someone please tell me what's happening with Michael Jackson? i used to think he was the shit when i was a little kid. when he had that one movie, what was it called again.. moon walker or some shit like that? yea that was the high point of fandom. i mean, he literally turned himself into a wicked looking car, and to top that off, he became some super robot! i was a huge transformer fan back then and yea... but what is up with his face?, and his skin color? his nose looked like it fell off a couple of times. he looks scary, resembles a ghost like figure now. i think he's dying slowly, and its all kept hush hush. i think his whole face is plastic. he took the term "plastic" surgery way too far. 

great.. now im talking shit about michael jackson.

i am currently reading a book by Diane Ackerman called: A Natural History of The Senses. so far it's a really interesting book. i would say that its a little complex for me, but im enjoying the vivid details and graphical explanation that she gives. here's a neat little fact i got from the first chapter on smell.


pretty gross isn't it?

my thoughts section has been touched up a bit, and new comments for 2002. other than that, i'll work on my info section whenever i feel like writing about myself.

i am really cold. my hands are numb and i think my water just froze.

on the side note for those that are my friends: hi jeanie. if you are reading this, what you did to jimmy was pretty wrong. he was truly faithful to you, and he didn't do much wrong, he just needed to get his life straight. please re-consider the decision that you made, and try to think things over. he is currently going to schol now AND working. he really is changing for the better.

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