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10/25/99-here's some pic i drew of me chewin 
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it really looked like.
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im a junkie now. i've been lazy and tired lately. some people know why. yea and stressing it y0. over what? over nothing! yea how do you stress over nothing. there has to be something to stress on... but for me.. im feeling stressed over nothing. that's me. 

nothings up now in these days. no where to go, no place to chill. i swear frisco is so boring. having a car or not.. there isn't that many places where you can go and have fun for a long while. so many people are just dying to come here. for what though? i like living here.. but i wanna do something now. obviously you can tell im bored. that's how i've been the past couple of days. or week or two. work school work work school sleep eat sleep school sleep toke sleep toke some more man o man my schedule is packed i say.

i noticed that i've been buying toys again. all at K B toys. they have this great sale with star war toys where everything that i use to want is like 3.99! even for the big deluxe figures! dont mind me im still a big kid. i bought anything related to Boba Fett. i think he's badass and is one of the most coolest star war dudes out there. he'd take out darth maul and jabba the but in no time. 

hmm.. im also noticing now that i sound like a star wars fanatic. im not. i dont even own the tapes. i haven't even seen the new special edition ones.. you know the ones with all the new scenes... 


o yea i got a diss list informing me about this tarot reader blue knows. i think its cool and im gonna go over her page again to check it out. im also going to buy more buttons off her. its cool. she's hookin me up with a fat discount y0! who wants some?

yes i've been writing about non sense crap. there nothing really to write about anymore. my mind is blank and i can show you that later after i scan in the comic i drew. it just has a person sitting on a couch with a thought bubble with a defunct light bulb. jYUp.

i've been getting some damn janky mail again. every time i dont check my mailbox in like 3-4 days.. i get over 100 different junk messages. it sucks. i hate it. i even block all the senders and they seem to keep on coming back for more shit to promote for me. i swear why do they do it? do they even get paid.. damn spammers and porno advertisers. stop trying to exploit sex to little young innocent kids like me, if only i could sue these bastards.

got a new CD called nite trance 2000. mixed continuously by Dj Teddy Rockspin. i've never heard of him or the CD, but i'll tell you this.. this CD is as ghetto looking and bootleg as they come. straight from one of those home made distributors in San Jo. the tracks are okay. most of them played out already. the CD mixes them in sorta.. horribly.. and i even hear him go offbeat a couple of times... but hey what do you expect for $6.

CD spinning for this week.
Title: Nite Trance 2000
Mixed by: Dj Teddy Rockspin
Rate: 3 out of 5 toes up. its okay. 
worth the bucks it cost.

i had scrambled eggs today and they were yummy.

previous update was 04/16/00

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