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10/25/99-here's some pic i drew of me chewin 
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it really looked like.
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10/07/99-Pix- the leap for life. or not....

10/07/9-Words Of Wisdom
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man we took the STAR test today. i forgot what it really stood for. something like Super Tacky Annoying Research on students. i think that's what it was. but yea it was a pain in the ass. it had some weird questions all together. i mean... here goes one i distinctly remember.. it went something like this... 

The pirate takes a ship to africa and finds a weird looking dog. he decides to name it:

a)Capricorn (really)
b)Urun (really)
c)Bitch (not-so-really)
d)Suck-my-left nut-and-die-die-die (heh)
e)all the above (really)

i mean.. who knows what that answer was.

well anyways i went to stonestown to check out what new CD's they had at Towers. im too lazy to go all the way to haight street. way too far anyways. gas is a bitch also. man it just makes me NOT want to drive with the price of gas now in these days. average of about 2.10 a gal. that's almost double compared to the prices in like 96-98. hot damn. lucky i dont drive some suburban where as it'll eat a gallon of gas in like 5-10 sec.'s. but if they could even afford that.. i doubt they'd even trip. and man those turbo cars.. they're in for it too. a little blow off here and there and a gallon is gone here and there. 

well anyways after stonestown i got home. and a old man was getting off the bus. he was old. he looked like Alfred from the movie batman. only he didn't have glasses. well he had a cane and was really struggling. i helped him get down the bus and he asked me if i could walk him across the block. so i did. and for some reason i had this warm tingly feeling in me. i felt good. i think i might go volunteer for some community service in helping out the people who needs help. i might.. such as retards or disabled people. dont ask.. it makes me feel good.. like a quick self-esteem booster or something. go try it out.. the next time you see your grandma or grandpa.. go walk around with her/him. go talk to them. go do something with them. i bet you'll feel all warm and gooey... until they tell you to empty that bag of urine that's hanging on the side of their cane.

"the monkey goes round and round, round and round, round and round.. the monkey flys up and down, up and down, up and down... the monkey brains are o so good, o so good, o so good.."

"ever get beat with a piece of rolled up paper? yea sure it doesnt hurt.. but wait till it gets shoved up your ass to the left.. then tell me if that hurts..." 

"ever wonder why penguin's waddle? cause they're imitating your fat ass.."

"your mama's head so big.. she aint got nightmares... she got horror movies playin..."

dont ask where they came from.. truthfully.. i made up the first 3 out of my head. i dont know why i did it but hey i gotta fill this shitty journal up with something.

well i put up some new pix in the rave section. had a little write up on popsikle... go check it out. Wanna Rave?

for some reason.. im in a really weird and zippy mood today.. maybe its someone i visited today... just maybe..

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