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10/07/9-Words Of Wisdom
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well i went to Popsikle and i had some fun. actually yea i had plenty of fun. the only problem was that they were friggin scanning I.D's like a bitch. some of my friends didn't get in. i had a bad trip for awhile. in the beginning. my other friend got kicked out because one of the security guards recognized his face. i dont see why they gotta trip. i barely got in. i wasn't down to bribe the security for $20 either. i would have just sold my ticket for $60. i cant believe people are crazy enough to buy a ticket for friggin $100 sometimes. just to rave? o hell no i dont think its worth $100. not even $50. i dont even think popsikle was worth $28! i liked it back then like 2 years ago when they were only 12 bucks for a nice homebase rave. now homebase is closed down. you bastards. o well. 

about the rave. it was poppin. i thought it was cool. the music was good and the vibes were okay. i think the best of the whole night was when Mars came in. o mean he rocked the joint. everyone got up and danced. all i remember was me going off to its a fine day and imagine. the other rooms weren't as good. so i just stayed in the main trance room.

im still slowly slipping from the scene. its way too played out. i see boppers from my school going. i see way too many of the same faces at raves now. that's not cool at all. everyone seems to find out about these things now. they're commercializing raves. i see freshmen's from my school at the raves! that's horrible man... when i was a freshmen... no one even knew about raves. it was like.. hella underground and stuff. i think its the radio stations fault too. they play too much ATB and Dj Jurgen/Alice Dee Jay crap on the radio. such as Back in my Life and Better of Alone. i do however enjoy the Subsonic vibes from 105.3 past 1 am on saturdays.. o wait that means its sunday morning. some mad jungle-ist spinning and other popular Dj's spinning for them. off the hook i say. o well why am i braggin about this when im not planning to go to them anymore?.. i scare myself sometimes.

i found this one girl i met at The Gathering. i think that rave was in December or November of 99. and yea she was cool enough to stay with me the whole night and dance till the break of dawn. my feet are still aching. they're just asking for a massage.eck i even got a cramp on my thigh. i had to sit down for 5 mintues... anyways she's cool. she's 20. i think that's awkward. im 17. but hey i gotta admit she was a pretty cool partner to dance with. :). i'll go bug her later on this week to give me some pictures. so i can scan em in and put it in the rave section.

so how's life going for me. its crummy. its depressive. its stressful. i dont show it. i dont like it when people bug me about it. i only talk about my problems with this one guy. he seems to understand and help me out. positive messages. it seems like he knows more about me than i do myself. i tell him all. he tells me all. he is a true friend. and no we aren't gay. hasn't really busted me out and snitched on me. he's helped me out in numerous situations. i rather not show and tell people about my problems. some people actually care for me (wow) and start panicking for some reason. that's not cool. that just gets me more down. eck life sucks as i know it.

you know my webpage scares me. it seems like alot of people are finding it in the bay area for some reason. and people i dont know in my school are just suddenly coming up to me...

Random person: hey aren't you that Wobo person??
me: no. its bobo and who are you?
R.P: i saw your webpage. i think your a weird freak who has no life and your art stinks.
me: gee thanks. i hope you burn in hell too.

yea shit like that happens in school. its not even funny anymore! i mean even teachers are hoping along the ride and visiting my webpage. that's totally uncool. i hate it when i go irving and people out of the cutties just start asking about me. im not braggin about this or anything. its just that why? i dont think my webpage is cool. i think it pretty lame now. its not even compatible with IE. it looks screwy sometimes. and most people view my page with IE. what's with people and my page. i seriously gotta shut this down someday. i meet crazy foos. i mean straight outta the nut house crazy. maybe they're just messing with my head. well im gonna stop writing for today. i cant think of anything else to write anyways. later yall.

CD spinning for this week.
Title: Transition
Mixed by: Homebase (for real!!)
Rate: 5 out of 5 toes up. its that good.

As Kevin H would say..
"i'm fucked in the ass... again.."

did i mention that i'll love you if you signed my guestbook. even better yet.. a personal e-mail. non of the forwarded crap or some stupid chain letters. and please non of that poems about sappy love. shit like that gets people sad. and people wonder why we commit suicide.

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