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3/06/00-Pix-Kevin H, Rosalynn, Brad, Kim and 
                      Brian C busting a mentos pose for yall.
               Pix-Micholette added in S.S.

2/14/00-Pix-Meatball in a Tigger suit. personal fav.!

2/06/2000-Pix- wanna rave mini section added

12/27/99-Pix-JYS (Junk Yard Speed) Crew

12/07/99-Pix-Rob D. (my bro!!)
Secret Journal Updated...

10/27/99-Pix-Jackie F and Meatball head!
also Meatball head at the beach sick! =(

10/25/99-here's some pic i drew of me chewin 
on my glowstick. yea this was pretty much what 
it really looked like.
click here for the drawing!

10/07/99-Pix- the leap for life. or not....

10/07/9-Words Of Wisdom
Pix-2 poses of Mace & her cuz Rita


9/28/99-Pix-Kevin with Brian and Big Rob singing.

9/27/99-Links-A P O L L Y O N 

8/23/99-links, organized, 
              'The Nut' updated
              Photo's: Heshima R. 
              backyard pic (misc.) 


Main: under some construction 

          Photos: new single's! 
            3-Stef G

         Comics: new Comics!! 
         added in [Descriptions]


lately i've been feeling shitty. its like im just down for the past 4-5 days. im not on anything either. nothing bad atleast. so much stuff  is just going through my mind. no one can understand me at this moment. im just going to sit in my room listen to my music and read car magazines or wizards and enjoy this big queen sized futon i just got, for free. pretty comfy. but yea anyways. stress y0. its never good. its like im in my own little PMS stage right now. and school.. man that's just messing me up. school is beyond hell for me. im literally failing almost all my classes. not fail fail.. but you know its the 1st report period and im not doing good. i am however trying harder now, doing all my work and im actually reading stuff. 

QUICK BOBO FACT- bobo has never EVER read a whole book in his entire life.. novels fiction anything over 100pgs.. he has never finished reading it. thank you for paying close attention. now back to bobo's journal.

all i need to do is keep to myself for a couple more days.. think things out.. have a little discussion with people. o well. i forget about stuff easily. one thing i do is i keep a promise.. i never broke a serious promise.. i like to keep my word you know. but yea.. hmm.. o well..  other stuffs just floating around my mind. but yea. well that's about it for March 6th. o and this fat ass cold sore on my lip isn't helping out at all. i am however enjoying the rain. 

aTB-*too much rain over paradise..*

so sorry i cant make it to Dream wave with you. however i will still give you that big fat hug and yesh we can spend a day out! and dont trip homie BCD aint nuttin! so stop trippin and be happy!


march 7th...
today was fun. after school i went to stonestown with kev h, lorenz, meatball, lauren and .. yea that's it, and we went lingerie shopping! hehe we went into victoria's secret and looked at some stuff. wow. i swear this place was the palace of butt flossing tools. i mean i saw things i never knew would fit on a girls ass and feel comfy. and holly shit the prices are wacked beyond comparison! i did however notice the fine smells in there. i mean it smelt good! i never knew panties had a scent too it. dont think im a weird freak now. i just happened to notice. what i also stumbled upon were jiggly poofs!! i mean silicon add on's!! like with $45 you can enhance your small breastisis with some soft jelly feeling add on's! well anyways it was quite an exhilarating experience. really. hmm.. more rain here. nice. its 6:32pm. i hear it down pour on my window. it has a nice beat to it. 

*splish splash splash splish*

hi karen. maybe someday we can go and kick it like how i said. =) tell mike to come along too. we can have our so called walk. and mike can get molested by the foot ball players.

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