shuddup shtoopid.
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2/06/2000- Pix- wanna rave mini section added

12/27/99-Pix-JYS (Junk Yard Speed) Crew

12/07/99-Pix-Rob D. (my bro!!)
Secret Journal Updated...

10/27/99-Pix-Jackie F and Meatball head!
also Meatball head at the beach sick! =(

10/25/99-here's some pic i drew of me chewin 
on my glowstick. yea this was pretty much what 
it really looked like.
click here for the drawing!

10/07/99-Pix- the leap for life. or not....

10/07/9-Words Of Wisdom
Pix-2 poses of Mace & her cuz Rita


9/28/99-Pix-Kevin with Brian and Big Rob singing.

A P O L L Y O N 

8/23/99-links, organized, 
'The Nut' updated
Photo's: Heshima R. 
    backyard pic (misc.) 


Main: under some construction 

Photos: new single's! 
3-Stef G

Comics: new Comics!! 
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let me start off by saying...


how is it to be sweet 16 meatball eh ehh? hope you enjoyed my gift. although you have one. but its different atleast. hmm okay don't have too  much fun tonight.

well what's been up lately. nothing much actually. pretty boring stuff. my birthday passed. just had a get together. its only a 17 year old thing. nothing really cool about that. when im 18 im gonna have someone pop out of a cake. and it aint gonna be your grandma. 

so what happened on my birthday that's mention able on my page. we were playing with that styrofoam airplane again. this time we tried to make it fly. we had failure for the first 5 minutes. then we started to rip the wings off and it went alot more further. we were gonna just set the plane on fire and blow it up  or something. but tribal bitch came and got smacked in the head with it again. she went to psycho tribal bitch mode and smacked me over the head with it and broke it. damn tribal bitches.... hehe

well life is tedious and boring. i don't lead that exciting dangerous life anymore where i have crazy jungle men run after me with a 2x4 with a nail stuck in it. that or i have tribal bitches beating me in a burlap bag with some high heels. okay im making no sense well im gonna go now.

as Meatball would say..
"you asshole.."

and then i would say..
"i rather be an asshole than be a woman!"

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i want some chicken tonight.. mmmm yumm yumm!

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