Baby Pics
Looky! Me a Baby!
Me and my cousin Michelle
Small Abominable SnowBoBo!
Im Lost
Mommy Found Me!
My Violin

Pics of Me
Here's me..im feelin |BLUE|
Me wearin a suit....with my brown hair.(its black now...but ready to be gold)
Me juss gettin my pic took
Me gettin my pic took (ReMiXx..)
Me standin in front of my window...lookin at cars passin by trees...
Me doin sumpthing weird and stupid..i think

Graduation Pics
Me and Mythu after Graduation{June 6, 1997}
Graduation Pix of Dad, Me and Mom {June 6, 1997}

My B-day Parti (sorta)
At my B-day Party
At my B-day Party Again
The girls are leaving!!

Dance Pics
Homecoming Dance Pix{Sept. 19, 1997}
Lincoln Dance{March 20, 1998}
Lowell Homecomming#1{Sept. 25,1998}
Mill's Homecomming? {Sep. 25, 1998}

Misc. Pics i took for the hell of it
My Tree
Bo-BocHu (my pOKemOn thingy)
Here's My Stereo System
Here's my Laser on my Stereo System
Wanna see my spank a monkey? Good?....
Here's a pic of me Computer
Pic of my T.v in my Room
A pic of my Stupid Cat takin a S.H.i.T at the wrong place...
My Flying Monki in my room. its good luck
Christmas Tree @ ROTC

Singular Sensations

                              Guys                                                           Girls

Hen DaWg 


Lily (sPiLLy~) 
I'll be getting some more pix soon! Stop by later or something. baibai

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