Name : Andrew.
Nicknames :  BoBo
Hair: Light Brown..
Sex : umm... hehe .. uHh .. .yes if your a girl (no im not a lesbian)
Siblings : i have no brothers nor sisters .. im a loner . .
Birthdate : January 31st, 1983 , raised in my mommies tummy, ejukated in San Francisco
Nationality : chinese, like. . half mandarin an half cantonese. i speak both fluently
Height/weight : umm. . i think im  5'7 but im 5'6 probably, weighing bout 125 to 130
School : i go to Lincoln High School. Class of 2oo1, im a Soph.
Music: Techno, Freestyle, Hi NrG
What i eat : i'll eat anything...but that doesn't mean i'll like it
Favorite color : ߣüë
Hobbies : collect toys, readin comic books. TMCM (Too Much Coffee Man) rocks.
When i have time : Well, on my spare time, i go surfin on the net. I play arcade games, an dominate. Playstation is cool, so is saturn, but N64 sorta sux, not enough games. Gameboy. . . wow .. u don't know how much fun i have with that thing
Things that ARE koo: nice people, clean people, nice cars, clean cars, nice girls, clean girls, funny people, clean funny people. These girls are way better than koo..
Things that AINT koo: i don't dig girls with mustaches, or armpit hair growin out like weeds, HANSON SUCKS!!!, this artist formally known as Prince is weird an queer looking, Leonerdo Dicrapio. . he could suck my left thumb!!!! HeHe (no offense), racism is not a good thing, walking on the beach on a HOT day is not a good idea (see the 1-800-collect commercial wit the big big buff guy? that's an example.), stepping in shit, taking the shit off , AOL, people with no respect or manners, haters, players, beans, snobby people, obnoxious people, shit talkers, taking out that shit talker, smoking is no good, and thats bout it. . . 4 nOw. . .
Stuff i miss: Man...way back...there was Transformors....the KICK ass one's by JAPANESE people....NOW!! they got friggin white people drawing crap on their computers, and then making them into some dirty looking animals...shit...what have they done.... and where's Ren & Stimpy?!?! that really kicked ass!!! i loved them!!....Gi Joe was always cool back then when it was 1988? or somewhere round there...but nOooO they just had to take it off...and add this Gi Joe extreme or whatever...Friggin guys look like they've been in the gym their whole life's. Sheesh..whats wrong with the cartoon industry now?? i have lost my childhood...and my precious memory's of life back then...those were the fun its just a weak version of a hell hole.
Job/'s : i work at ABC appliance. its a great job.

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