.:.who is this Bo character?.:.

well first thing first, my real name isn't Bo. its Andrew. what you are viewing here is my web page. more specifically the info page on me. its nothing much. just somewhere to write freely without people telling me there's grammar problems or words being misspelled. i like to write. but when it comes to writing homework.. i stop liking it. teachers all grade differently and they all have their own unique style of writing. sometimes my writing isn't good enough for them. so f*ck them. if i think my writing is good enough. i'll stick with the way i write. anyways, this is where you wanna know more about me right? what would you possibly want to know about me?

well lets start off with a background check. im a chinese kid living in san francisco. i'm 18 right now. born january 31, 1983. so that means im as legal as can be right? nope. my parents still treat me like im 12. they think i dont know how its like living in the "real world, the outside world", as they would say. yea.. right.. anyways,  people say im a trip. or they just say im funny at most times. am i really? you tell me. i enjoy long sunny walks down the beach and a nice cold lemonade with that little toothpick umbrella that magically floats... no im just being sarcastic. i'm nothing like that. although a trip to the beach would be fun on a nice, sunny day. im different. i choose to be different. im one of the many few asian kids at my school wearing skater shoes. why do i want to be the same as others. why do i have to buy a pair of nike air craps to be cool like everyone else?  why should i listen to others? they dont own me. i thought we all had freedom. im not a follower. im not down with them fob refugee's trying to sell fire crackers for a living, and extorting restaurants when chinese new year hits as some stupid protection fee. 

i've been through life and death. i've walked away from death twice already. the worlds revolving too fast around me.

as for my personal life. i dont really want to discuss about that. maybe when you ask me on AIM/AOL, i'll let you in on some stuff. raving use to be a fad for me. its over now. its boring. just a every now and then thing. and there's always clusters of boppers being tripped out by glowsticks and.. more glowsticks. no one's dancing anymore. i hate the feeling of stepping on floored people. the scene is whacked now. its just not the same, that or its been the same. lame. POSERS!!!!! 

i am also very fortunate to have a sweet, caring and very respectful girlfriend. her name is karen. and i love her a plenty lot. we started talking years back. but we never really knew each other. we were so distant from each other. im talking about cities apart. it all came together this year when we agreed to go to prom together. she asked me. i blushed and said yes. could you believe that? someone asked me to go to their prom with them, she didn't even know what type of person i was! that really meant a lot to me. but ofcourse i didn't know what she was like either. but with all the talking that we've been through, i knew she would have been a great person. very open and talkative. after prom, we just started to talk to each other more, and so forth. and on fourth of july 4th, it was just beautiful. she has never been out to the city to watch fireworks. and that night was magnificent. a night i will never forget. she has already left to school dwon at UCLA. lots of people are telling me that its going to be tuff to keep this relationship going, but for me, i personally think it will work between us. if we think we can make it happen, than it will.. but i'm going to miss my her so much when she leaves... *sniff* what to do, what to do...

currently i get my jollies on my turntables. i play with them every now and then. im not all that good. but good enough to keep my records on beat. i'm one of those guys who'll just stick to one category of music. right now, im just a trance/house type of guy. i grew up on it. ever since 6th grade i believe. well, now that i think about it, it was more like freestyle and techno. i dont really listen to all that hip hop/rap stuff. to me.. music is an essential. like that quote, "Music is my oxygen, without it, i cant live". without music.. i dont think i'd be able to live. live right at least. music makes me happy. and it keeps me up when im down. if you listen to trance.. it gets emotional at times, that's if your blasting the right tunes. tunes like ATB - Beach Vibes and Moby - Porcelain get me cheered up usually. pretty relaxing beats. mixes by matt darey or dj tiesto get me hyped. but yea thats electronica for ya. music with a feeling attached to it. its a mental thing. 

"*rollin down the hill... if ya know what i mean*"

hip hop.. rap.. its gone all sour now. all they talk about is f*ck you, or f*ck this, or your sister. grab a frog and f*ck it. bling bling some of them 1200 karat gold earrings and the diamond studs the size of your fist. rolling up a doobie in that new Bentley. yea.. it just aint what it used to be. i respect 2pac. he had meaning and feelings in his shit. whats up with this jay-z money aint a thang and cash money ga-jillionaires. h to the izzo. me dont understand. im sorry. its just not my groove.

i am currently enrolled at skyline college as a full time student. im just trying to get my GE and bounce out to a UC. well those are goals. and i plan to set them. as for now, being in my first semester, it seems like i can handle it. its probably because i dont have math right now. i hate math. math can drain me and drive me nuts if i didn't know how to do it. i screwed up my math ever since 8th grade. that's when my eyes started to stroll off left and right when those major tests came. kids, if you are reading this, it is NOT worth cheating and copying. you will soon learn in college that you are officially fuct. take that from my own personal experience.

okay i am back at ABC appliance now.. but only for saturdays. i also work for the Judicial Council of San Francisco. i worked for the main court house, lets put it that way. with the big judges and those huge hammers that make a lot of noise when you smash it hard against the table. yea. i do clerical stuff. its not off the hook, in fact, its pretty boring. im only staying because they pay me well.. but i do work hard, heh and i earn my "extra" breaks.

i dont like shit talkers and bullshitters. they annoy me. ditto.

i prefer not to curse at most times. i dont most of the time. but when i do.. i try to make good use of it. people love it when i call them a horse f*cker.

well what else do you want to know? i've pretty much spilled out everything. if you do have more crap to ask me, just mail me. instant message me. dont give me non of that Age/Sex/Location horse shit neither. i'll be forced to ban you. for life. get outta my life you creep. yea like that. i sound like a mean person dont i? really, im not. ask all my friends. i might be an angry person, but rarely ever mean. they think im the coolest guy out there. maybe its because of all the weird things i've done. and the way i just act. meet me. you'll see. im pretty much a goof ball.


"self improvement is masturbation" - Tyler Durden, Fight Club