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Fat Bastard
my girlfriend tells me im fat. heh, well maybe im getting there, but everyone still thinks im skinny.
Lost Reality well, in this piece of art, i just sat and drew. and this is what came out, with nothing on my mind really.. just sat and drew.. weird isn't it?
Afro Bo imagine me with an afro! d0pe sh0w! $$!<-(only fish understands this)
Mean Me i have all the features minus everything on the ears. two versions availible, computer edited and hand drawn.
Into My Mind this is supposudly what was going on in my head at the moment. uhm.. yea.. don't mind the art, i persoanlly think its freakishly weird. freaks me out sometimes when i look at it.
Self Portrait i drew this in class and colored it in with PSP 6.o if i remember right, i did this in junior year (1999-2000).. because my hair was like that at the time.
Love Me, Love Me Not just whatever came into mind, and i got that scene where you pluck the flower...
Mini Me well this isn't really a drawing, but i made it by hand! sorta neat actually. just buy some colored paper and glue on!
Random Shit just a bunch of stuff. this was junior year (1999-2000) where raves were dope and Flat Eric was the shit
Strange Card i actually drew this on the back of my skyline college computer card. its got a weird thing to it, the lines, the clown, the eyes.. 
for old school art, Click Me
images with a * are most recent.. well.. month wise.. or year.. or however often i update this..