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9/28/99-Pix-Kevin with Brian and Big Rob singing.

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8/23/99-links, organized, 
'The Nut' updated

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Well its a new month. October. right now the only thing that popped into my mind is.. "am i going trick of treating this year/bom fire/or party?" October seems to be a fun month to me for some reason. i don't know why but im always happy in October. in all Octobers. its like... my month or something. well i cant claim October. okay never mind im going nuts again.

today i got to talk to some pretty interesting people. with some real nice pages. one is called ' Reverie '. its like some girl with mad skills on web pages. overall its a great page and a must visit. sure it doesn't have daily updates like this. 
but its well worth your time. but if your mr./mrs.busy person running around in a frantic look...., then its okay you can visit some other day. 

[what's new what's new] i don't know. im really bored. o yea.  im gonna be with some internet group called ilicit. and another one called Jookie Vision by Monica. yea she's that ghetto cowgirl with the iLL page. yea word.

i still haven't gone raving yet. c'mon No-L take me honey ! okay.... where did that come from?...  o yea did i mention that i typed straight outta my head. which means. whatever i'm thinkin... im just typin it out. so lets see whats in my head now..

"damn im hungry i want food okay nevermind i just had some chicken wait  KFC sounds good but i dont want to go out so late and yea i would drive but i dont want to pay for gas. i need to intall my shocks and springs yea y0 a 2.5" drop. bomb. . no im no hardcore racer like you no i dont want to race you stop messing with my head okay now your mocking me how dare you , you shall pay for you okay im getting weird i think that E i still in my system this sucks. atleast my body aint numb no more. shut up Lorenz."

Indulgence.... your canceled.... Eclipse.... Your also Canceled.... damn i suck. i cant schedule for shit.

as Haydee would say...
"Hey look its Co-chino!! lets go bug him!!"

yea shes weird dont ask...
and someone please tell me what Co-chino means. i probably spelled it wrong. throw me a frikkin bone.

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