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10/27/99-Pix-Jackie F and Meatball head!
also Meatball head at the beach sick! =(

10/25/99-here's some pic i drew of me chewin 
on my glowstick. yea this was pretty much what 

it really looked like.

click here for the drawing!

10/07/99-Pix- the leap for life. or not....
click here to see some sample doodling by me


10/07/9-Words Of Wisdom
Pix-2 poses of Mace & her cuz Rita



9/28/99-Pix-Kevin with Brian and Big Rob singing.

A P O L L Y O N 

8/23/99-links, organized, 
'The Nut' updated

Photo's: Heshima R. 

    backyard pic (misc.) 


Main: under some construction 

Photos: new single's! 
3-Stef G

Comics: new Comics!! 
added in [Descriptions


mailmen are nice. they gave me some pie today. it was some pretty yummy pie. it was some sorta fluffy marshmellow pie with a lemon center. serious! they gave me some damn good pie.

i think im gonna get our of the rave scence, like maybe after 2 more events. if you've been to over 5 raves, they'll most likely be the same. i dont even go there for the music anymore. i go there to meet people. but its cool. i'll have fun without raves. they cost alot too. and shit can happen there. 

you can..
-get poked by a needle (aids/hiv)
-get raped
-rape someone
-take a piss and someone tips the port-a-potty over
-get dirty
-get bubblegum all over your pants
-get cigarette burns
-have your white shoes turned brownish black

-have your bags stolen
-lose nice items such as blinkers watches or necklaces
(ofcourse non of this has happen to me. hopefully not.. except for getting dirty.. im always dirty after a good rave)

man there's alot more bad stuff but thats just some that i could name. i think im gonna retire. just like noele. i know how she feels about raves now. ever since she lost her stuff. i felt bad for her. i know how she feels. 

welp enough with that crap. how's it going people. are you all feeling good and happy? if not its okay im with you. my secret journal is still up for you if you still wanna take a peep at it. lotsa dramatics on it y0. only for the people who know me. 

today at lunch i was with my friend bLad (breadman). we were walking to lincoln market an he sees this one dude who he had some dramatics with. he said it was a while ago like last year or something where he tried to FRONT. start some wild funk. and so in the mood i was in.. i just wanted to run up to that guy and knock his head off. but.. bLad said it was cool.. he doesn't want anymore funk going on. i was so damn down..  bLad's a kewl guy. alittle TOO coo if you ask me. but anyways... 

mail me people. i feel like replying to a bunch of mail. i can start a bobo fan club! it'll be free! hey lookie! i got mail from Noele, Blue and some damn porno advertisements! join the fun and Mail bobo! i swear its gonna be a fun conversation! really!


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