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man today was a boring day. well atleast it still is. currently it is 10:13pm. its a saturday night. i could be doing something fun. but im not. lets see what's up with my day..

-went to work at 7:50
-work was not fun

-work got really boring

-we had crappy lunch

-had to push a 3 ton truck up a hill. + half a ton of other junk like fridges an so forth.

-that truck pushing got me really tired.

-i got dirty.

-really dirty.

-i went to D's house to kick back and play games.

-that Driver game kicks ass. 

-im getting off topic

-Kevin is now known as Nucking Futs. he's F***ing Nuts.

-i got home around 9:00pm.

-i went online. not that many people were on.

-online is boring now.

-im still questioning myself onto.. "who the frag visits my site?"

-yea its like 9:30 and nothings on T.v.

-hey i got free cable!

-Tom Green show kicks so much ass. i wish i was him.. well im sorta like him.. just that i don't have a televised show.

-yea its really boring at home. some one send me some frikkin mail.

-throw me a frikkin bone will ya?

-shit.... what a day...

-hey no school monday! and tomorrow!  way opposite of bunk.


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