so college has started from me. i might have to say that its not as bad as i thought it would be. lots of new faces. a couple of familiar ones. and plenty of ugly mugs. i go to skyline. i small school that's always foggy. getting to school is a challenge most of the time. it gets so foggy, that all you can rely on is the car ahead of you. you cant see any of the stop lights, or any of the stop signs. you dont see anything ahead of you but their brake lights. so if they drove off into a cliff.. i probably would have followed too.

my teachers are all very unique. my first class is history. i have a teacher called Mr.Oliver. he likes to do funny gestures with his tongue. like lick his lips and just sticks it out to "taste the air". or whatever he's doing. skinny old guy. he tells us that if we were ever sick, or feeling sick, "Don't COME to CLASS!!!". i guess im fine with that. he tells us that he'll die on the spot or something. he has this problem i think.. where he can talk normally.. and just snap at someone out of nowhere.. and go back to his normal tone again. i forgot what that's called. its some sorta syndrome or disorder. but yea its funny.. this one time he was talking about oceans.. and he suddenly just says, 


its just sudden outbursts. hey.. it wakes me up and keeps me paying attention to his long lectures.

my second class is sexual health. the teacher is a pretty big women. she likes to talk about sexual pleasure. and she seems very serious when it comes to finding the right person to screw. but that's just her. the book it self is some sorta legal porn book to me. and it has many elements of the popular Karma Sutra. it also teaches you how to "Correctly Stimulate a person" in a way its really disgusting.. but i laugh so hard at it when i read it sometimes. class is also funny. just yesterday, we had a debate about woman and men having their unique disadvantages. it got to a point where i blurted out ,"Disadvantages, woman cant drive" the whole class went nuts and every guy was like "ooohhhhh yep he gotcha yall there girls!" and then the girls went all crazy, yelling at all the guys and everything was havoc after that. all because of my opinion.

now onto english. my teacher seems like a comedian to me. he likes to make fun of people. and he also has interesting stories. i like this teacher. he seems to care for his students. but that's how he's like for now at least.

and my last teacher, Mr.Takayama, preferably called Arthur, is a strange small scrawny japanese man with thick rimmed glasses and crossed eyes. he walks funny and talks funny. he reminds me of those nerds who had really tight pants that flooded up the the ankles. o! if you've ever played Marvel Vs. Capcom, he looks exactly like that japanese teacher in the japanese version only. yea! now i remember. he looks exactly like that! really goofy guy. and the way he laughs.. straight geekin it.

as for now im just trying to figure out where to eat lunch besides the schools cafe. cold slices of pizza and funny smelling potato soup is really getting to my head and my stomach. i cant stand it anymore. and parking is a bitch. if i were to leave, i'd be screwed. i wouldn't be able to find a parking spot. well to be truthful about it, i just dont feel like walking half a mile to class.

over all i might have to say that, yes a JC college is exactly like high school. just more freedom, the missing cut list. and everyone seems to be more serious. more likes assholes, in a sense.

currently, i am jobless. i am broke. i feel funny. i haven't been broke in a while. so if your reading this, and if you pay good, and if you live around the bay area, no wait.. more like san francisco, E-MAIL ME! yep. i MIGHT land a part time job DJ'ing at a bar. i don't know about this one. but it sounds pretty interesting. i might give this a shot. and no, not a shot of LC (Liquid Cocaine).

hold up.. before i was done updating.. i just read a article about something sick. some poor kid lost his penis and his other sexual organs. so hear me right, but dont hear me wrong, the doctors grew a penis on his arm for 10 months and cut it off, just to sew it back on where it belongs. i didn't believe it at first.. but check it out.. i was shocked.


man.. the things people can do now a these days... scientists and doctors are going mad insane now a these days. we live in a sick sick world with weird alternatives to cures.


is it me, or do a lot of people like to make fun of william shatner. wasn't he "THE HOTshit?" like back then as Captain Kirk (Star Trek). i mean i've seen him in a lot of shows now and even in commercials. but it seems like i've seen other show's that like to make fun of the way he talks. like.. his pauses.

"i.. cannot help.. myself.. but to. just... love, the fact that, my hair is.. still, o.. so great.."

its as if he had commas after every other word. does he really do that? i never really bothered to pay attention to that. maybe he got famous for that, just like how Woody Allen got famous with his adopted korean daughter and soon to be wife.. or wait.. are they married already? or were they just hanky panky with each other. i forgot but.. yea.. that's pretty gross.

i saw 'The Others'. that ghost movie with Nicole Kidman. yea.. i can say that, it was the first movie to actually make me jump out of my seat in a very, very long time. wait now that i think of it, i dont even remember jumping out of my seat in any other movie. yikes. pretty good movie that got me paying attention at all times. and the ending was very very surprising. but im not going to spoil it for anyone.

other than that, i've been browsing a lot online for a supercharger for my car. without it, i just dont feel that my car's complete. i think it's actually eating more gas with out one. at least the mechanic told me that. darn. a new one from Volkswagen costs 2000 beans. i dont have 2000 beans. i knew i should have bought that one on ebay for 250. i got greedy with my money, now i am left without any to spend..

ebay, that place man, you can find anything there. i dont fully trust ebay to the fullest yet. i've bought rim locks for my car and that's it so far. i dont have to worry about those being defective because most likely they wont be.. but i wouldn't trust myself buying a cd deck there. hmm... anyone know of any good websites for good prices on audio stuff for cars? dont tell me crutchfield either. that place is ripped off.

so my life goes on with many un-answerable questions and mysteries waiting to be solved.. 

"the word is why?  the answer isn't availible at the moment.."

Top 10 things people type to find my page (MSNetwork)..
1. bobo - yep thats me
2.bobo7551 - uh.. 7551 aye?
3.comander chode - whose this?
4.download: the sims - i dont recall playing that game
5.empire state building - i haven't been there before
6.gigi leung - who the hell is this?
7.monkey spanking - o yea baby.. plenty of that here
8.pokemon films - never seen any and i dont like pokemon... just tokemon
9.sex - non of that here... just physical monkey spanking
10.ufo - i saw one! no really! when i was cmoing back from LA... what a trip..

what happened this day in history...

Aug 15 1057 -
In 1057, Macbeth, the King of Scotland, was slain by the son of King Duncan. 

Aug 15 1935 -
Will Rogers killed in plane crash (1935) 

Aug 15 1969 -
Woodstock Music Festival began (1969) 

Aug 15 1994 -
Carlos the Jackal, terrorist, jailed in France. He was turned over by the Sudanese government after he checked into a Khartoum hospital for an operation on a varicose vein in one of his testicles. 

on todays CD playlist... or at least the stuff i've been tuning into..

Dave Matthews Band - The Space Between
Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly
A New Found Glory - Hit or Miss
LFO - Every Other Time
Alien Ant Farm - Movies
American HiFi - Flavor of the Weak
Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag
Incubus - Drive
Lifehouse - Hanging by a Moment
No Doubt - Simple Kind of Life
Coldplay - Yellow
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Other Side
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
Linkin Park - In The End
Linkin Park - Crawling
Staind - It's Been Awhile
Creed - With Arms Wide Open

yes very commercial music. but hey, i like it. 

man.. what has the world gone to. napster doesn't even work anymore! that really ticks me off. it really does.

i haven't been updated with what's going on with the world. i never even knew they had a sitcom making fun of our very own dumbass president. it was pretty funny actually. the episode i saw was about him taking down the 100'dreth million drug abuser.. or was it 1st million? i forgot but he caught some raver kid. candy flipper that was on ecstasy. they displayed him as a goofy, emotional yet disturbed young man with beads, colorful items, and big headphones. a very stereotypical image. but it got me laughing. bush confiscated his E. and the plot ended up with bush getting a head ache, and taking 2 E pills by accident. it was hilarious how they threw a rave in the white house. well not a rave but a party like thing. i cant believe they gave bush E on t.v. that's some shiznizzles if you asked me. he got all sentimental with everyone too. and he had lockjaw. wow. they got that stuff down.

the show was called "That's My Bush!" on comedy central. for a second, i thought it was porn...

strange news for today.
Woman returns shovel used to bury murder victim
Cops say Mary Jane Woodland, 46, cleaned the shovel used to bury Fred Smith -- allegedly killed by Woodland's son -- then returned it to the Wal-Mart store where she had bought it and asked for a refund. (Toledo Blade)

Ex-cheerleaders sue NFL teams over locker room peepholes
Two former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders say visiting teams regularly watched women change their clothes in the cheerleaders' locker room. They saythe peephole "was considered one of the 'perks' of being a visiting team of the Eagles." They're suing 23 teams. (Philadelphia Inquirer)


well im back. many of you people have wondered where i've been. what im doing? and if i was either dead or a live. well.. im a live. and i've been busy. with many things. actually no i haven't been.. my computers just been acting up on me and i really dont have anywhere else to update. so yea.. 

its really funny. people actually got concerned on whether i was still alive. hah. that's hilarious. some people thought i went into some deep depression stage and decided to stop updating. either way im back. and im going to be updating on a more weekly basis. well i never promised anything.. so dont come back every day and check. no need to waste your time. (on every page like this from now on will be many many many updates. its hard sorting out hundreds of HTML files. yes i am very sloppy.) i dont know what im going to write about. im just going to ramble about stuff in here.

hi karen. how are you doing? if your reading this. IMU!

whose this karen character? well... she's someone special in my life. =]

so how's everyone doing in the world? fine? dandy? that's great. i am currently driving once again. and i got the car that i always wanted to buy when i was like.. in middle school.. or towards the beginning of high school at least. its a 1990 corrado. i actually wanted the SLC VR6 model. but i found a G60 supercharged model. i grabbed the deal right away. but the problem is.. my car isn't exactly supercharged anymore. so its running shitty slow. which is okay. it gets me to places that i need to go to.

further updates are..
-i am going to skyline college, not CSM
-i will be jobless soon. 
-but i will get another job!
-added a couple of pictures.
-and some in black and white section
-rave section will be shut down soon.
 that or im going to take some pix out.
-im going to change some stuff around
 slowly. layout and design. really slowly...

gotta go for now hope you people come back for more of this kung fu grip.

previous update was 05/29/01

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