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10/25/99-here's some pic i drew of me chewin 
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it really looked like.
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10/07/99-Pix- the leap for life. or not....

10/07/9-Words Of Wisdom
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9/28/99-Pix-Kevin with Brian and Big Rob singing.

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its 2:09pm. im bummed out from all the dancing i had at Man in the Moon 2000. it was down at masonic temple. some sorta underground rave or some shit.

the people who sponsored this rave had horrible HORRIBLE service. we had about 1,300 people waiting in the parking lot for a ride to Masonic Temple. (which was like 5 blocks away, but being a buncha little dicks, they said that the only way there weas to hop on the bus.. we cant just walk there..) there was one lousy magical school bus taking us around. they said they had 7. so we got there at about 8:30 and ended up getting in at 10:30. it could have gone worse. we went through the savage way and hopped into the windows of the bus's like some mad refugee's. straight savages were just clinging onto the bus from the back. but yea when we were waiting for that stupid bus i was getting smushed up an crap. some girl got booted in the head. and my friend got kicked in the head. bad trip y0. i think mad mofos started swinging. and my friend Peter just snapped and started screaming at people. never seen that side of Peter...

anyways.. when we got in there it looked completely underground. it was in some sorta abandoned apartment of some sort. i thought it was haunted personally. it was a great experience though. the vibes were great and the people were happy. i candy flipped it. resulting in a very psychedelic experience. with little flowers coming out of the wall and sparkles all over the place. it wasn't as bad. atleast the floor wasn't melting or the ceiling wasn't crashing down on me. 

what really gave me a bad trip was.... that the friggin rave got raided by the 5.o and fire marshals. bastards ruined our fun and it was only 2:00! but we actually got back in at like 2:30 so the party was still groovin and bumpin. i had alot of fun. i met Thomas Trouble personally. we had our little 5 min conversation. shook his hand and took a picture with him. i had a mega happy trip goin on after that. i asked him if he could do a house party for me. he said yea sure and he gave me his number and stuff. he also told me that he'll charge me cheap if its like just a "house" house party. in the garage an crap. but i doubt i'd wanna rent him when we have our own little Dj crew. 

Rhythm Remedy Crew Represent!!
Rave Crew STRIDERZ Represent!!

blah blah i was peaking for a good 3 hours. you just dont know how energetic i was. rave dancing it all night non-stop. man my feet are killer. and my clothes smell like rotton rats with a hint of cigarillos. but yea im bored and im still actually hit alittle. so i think i should just end this journal entry before i go off rambling about my life. and say something im not suppose to say online.

o yea i have plenty of pictures. they're going to be developed tomorrow. so i'll make sure to post those bad boy mambajamba's on my pix section.

"i love you, you love me, lets go raving family"

mental note. im retiring from the rave scene. that is it. no more money. well i do but i spend too much money on it. I QUIT.
free candy bracelets if wanted.

and yes the thing i wrote in the book was really straight out of my head. really.

man in the moon was Kevin's B-day Rave and it was great!

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i want some chicken tonight.. mmmm yumm yumm!

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