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10/27/99-Pix-Jackie F and Meatball head!
also Meatball head at the beach sick! =(

10/25/99-here's some pic i drew of me chewin 
on my glowstick. yea this was pretty much what 
it really looked like.
click here for the drawing!



Happy new years. happy kwanzaa. happy everything.

so how was everyone's new years eve? you probably got drunk, hung over as your reading. and puzzled. why one wouldn't be? don't ask me i live in san francisco. where people go off and get  crazy all the time. but i had a happy christmas. had a dinner at my place. jessica made some dope soy sauce chicken. it was gone in seconds. lots of people were over. my parents left me alone home alone because they went to las vegas. thats cool though. i didn't get much this year for christmas. i never expect anything. mostly because when i get the present.. i usually wont use it. it'll just pile up in my room as junk. only Frankie Bones got me something this year. a new set of Dj headphones. the Sony MDR-V6. i'd have to say thanks frankie bones. you have given me more self esteem for my mixing abilities now. since i can hear every single beat on beat whenever needed so. instead of my shiny shitty silver ones i had that i yanked in taiwan. thanks a million frankie bones.. see you at skills 4 baby. mars and mystre BETTER tear shit up that night!

and so i got my OWN turntables now. player hook up price too. the mixer is shitty. but im happy with my two TechnicSL-1200mk2's. (rah on kevin k. cuz your savage MR2 and im Savage Bo!!). yea all i have are trance records. i dont have any hip hop anymore. i let my friend borow my whole crate. man cyber trance records are expensive. talkin bout kung fu grip. im planning to make my CD soonl i lagged on it already. im trying to reserve a slot and practice for the cuts. for sure.. you'll be hearing tracks like..

Darude- SandStorm
Thomas Trouble- Mysterious Times
SASH- Mysterious Skies
Agnelli & Nelson- Everyday Every Moment
Diving Faces- Liquid Child
ATB- Fileds of Love
Chris Raven- I Lost You
BedRock- Heaven Scent
Gouryella- Gouryella
Dj Tiesto- Sparkles
Baby D- Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Rank1 remix)
Martin Eyerer- Euphoria

there will be more but those are the for sure tracks.

new years was crazy. that's all i had to say. fun and crazy. funny too. i learned how to play this new game called spoons. its fairly simple and quick to learn really. all you need is 2 or more people. 4 is more fun. so you get a deck of cards and lay down spoons. say you have 4 people.. you'll only need 3 spoons. 5 people= 4 spoons. so it starts with everyone getting 4 cards. and the dealer just passes out cards as fast as he could. and whoever gets 4 of a kind grabs for the spoon. person who doesn't get a spoon has to drink away or do a dare or lose a finger. whatever the consequences are. so yea i got mooned pretty bad. twice. horrific site. it got my stomach sorta queasy. but yea. i had fun on new years eve till the next day. i didn't sleep much. maybe cuz i was rollin a bit. if ya know what i mean. i didn't drink and i still coughed up some foam. sorta freaked me out for awhile. but then i was okay after a couple glasses o.J. what a life saver. thanks Me2 for getting me into Teps place and introducing me to him. he's a pretty cool guy.

its been awhile since i've updated. i think its the night school that gets in my way. i mean, hey if your not home till 8:30 pm everyday, and you still haven't ate dinner yet, and you have homework to top that off.. i dont think anyone would be able to update. crucial. from 6:30 am-8:30 pm. that sounds like a lot of school to me. my brain is  frying..

so i have this really cool teacher called Mr.Kronar. i had him freshmen year and now i have him for night school. he says he's there to get back his $2000 dollars that he lost. so the story went like this. he let someone borrow it. and then when he asked him to pay up. the stranger just plainly said "what money" and they took it to the court and nothing happened because kroanr gave him cash. no hard evidence. so there fore he lost a hefty $2000. and as a high school teacher.. the salary isn't exactly the best. Mr.Kronar is a stoner. acid flipper and popper at all times. he is one hellavu cool teacher. he always amazes me with stories of anything. i'll write about it in future updates. they always make me laugh hard. he's some goof ball that went wrong. i took notes on all of his jokes and theory's. most of them sound real. he gives out loony explanations on the assassination of kennedy and why we exist. he claims that scientists taught a monkey how to jack off. and it got addicted. and it died of masturbation because it didn't want to eat anymore. it just jerked it self to death.. seriously.. that was hilarious.

the new word of the millennium....
"FAULTY!" dubbed.

i'll be back for more. i promise.

previous update was 08/21/00

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