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     wow those bastards at Guestworld Fixed my guest book. i take it back that your all a buncha rat fucking bastards. you guys are still bastards just for screwing me like that. anyways i just noticed that my hallways in school are totally PACKED. i mean these incoming freshmen's are EVERYWHERE. its the most ever. in 10 years we get the most freshmen's. they think their the shit when they really are people who look like shit. now that  i think of it, back then when i was a freshmen i wasn't that bad. i didn't make a fool out of myself. i wouldn't go to biology class and ask silly questions like.. "hey what's that between the frogs legs?" or " hey how come that frog is always on top of that other frog. please explain what they're doing." i always wondered why my cousins use to look at me when i was a freshmen and then say "eww.. your  a FRESHMEN!! ick!" 

(they're like in college now and this was 2 years ago, when i was a simpleton called freshmen.. a nobody who still is a nobody.. anyways

i guess i now know what they meant.

well im glad that my guest book is back. SIGN IT PLEASE? don't make me sign my own guest book.... 

okay whose going with me Saturday night?

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