this page will load awhile. wait if you wanna see em. stop if you don't want to. its just that simple.

...some of my older banners were lost...these are what i have so far...

[.3rd Banner.]
[.4th Banner.]
         this banner as you can see is a crap load of Monki's. why MoNkiChi? he/she is an Asian Monkey (although i prefer Bongo and Curious George). Well this banner i did the same as banner 3. just paste a crap load of things. and that's all! then i added in a special effect for the little glow around the monkeys. i forgot but i had to somewhat "Customize" the way it glowed so it wouldn't cover the Monkey's, instead it would outline the monkey. as you can see the Bug on top. why you may ask? because its a YELLOW bug an i like yellow cars. especially cool cars like the Bug.
[.5th Banner.]
[.6th Banner.]
i like this banner. its plain. very plain. the only thing i like is the drawing. (courtesy of tha Onion Man. go to his site, its in my Links. He's really awesome man. well back to the banner. ofcourse i started out adding in the pics. than made some room for the text. i had troubles putting in the address and names. i liked the font alot an i had to cramp it all up. looks like a big ass word with gaps. after that it was it. i haven't thought about the Type R or the bubble background. but then i saw this other person's banner. and i said...well i guess i could add that too. so i did.. i saw that i had a FAT ASS blank spot with hella bubbles. which you can see is replaced by the Type R's. and that's it for this one.
[.7th Banner.]
milk and cheese kicks major ass. even a novice can make this banner.
[.8th Banner.]
Ditto. you need not know how much they kick ass.

..Stuff i made for other people..

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